Carnivore Dreams – “Despair and Hope”

This is exactly as I see this and have for the last twenty years. Jordan Peterson writes about this a lot — see my last posts on him. If I wasn’t technologically challenged, I’d embed those posts. Well, let me see if I can. Meantime, here’s the first: But the Epoch Times did a great article on it.

Try this for Jordan. SO important. Jordan Peterson:

Take a careful read of this. Especially if you are young.

Otherwise, Happy Thanksgiving, folks. We can still be grateful we have SOME freedom. We, of course, are breaking the law having more than two households gathering. But they’ve all been tested. What point is being alive if you can’t see people you love? Imagine being very old and spending your last year or months all alone??

And not given a choice?

But we will be celebrating. Eight adults and one lil fellow, three dogs….

Menu: Chili and special bean dip for football Thursday tomorrow (since some of the kids won’t be here until Friday). Friday: smoked pork shoulder quesadillas; Sat. – turkey and honey baked ham with the usuals–potatoes, gravy, dressing, cranberry applesauce, green beans, pumpkin pie; Sunday and on — leftovers, bean and ham soup for one.

We will also have shirred eggs one morning and breakfast casserole, another.

I have also ordered steak and lobster for Christmas time plus a huge prime rib — 19 lbs we will cut in half for Easter. My Christmas shopping is done.

So I will keep the news off for the weekend and hope they are getting to the bottom of the election steal, at least maybe they’ll realize something has to be done. Have faith some good will prevail. Read that article before you party, then don’t look at a thing until Monday…

I’ll be ready to hit the editing on Monday, done by Christmas, then on to my novel first of the year. Eventually, maybe the carnivore cookbook.

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