Carnivore Dreams – GA Lawsuit and Criminal Media

Wow. I wasn’t going to post about politics today, but it’s necessary that I do. Sidney Powell filed suits in both Georgia and Michigan last night. I read personally all 100 pages of the suit in GA which looks unbelievably compelling. (I’m sure this internet and hacking/algorithm issue will take a lot of time and that’s partly why Trump separated some from Powell–that also left her free to make more outlandish claims she believes to be true.) I think that will take even further investigation, so another reason to separate endeavors.

Now the suit is pretty amazing and you can get ahold of it if you want to read it. Parler has folks linking to it and I’m sure there’s other places to read it yourself.

But that isn’t what I’m writing about. I looked through the usual Bing headlines and not ONE major media source covered this huge development (as well as the other successes Trump has had in PA and Nevada courts–one ordering PA to delay certification–Nevada court agrees to hear fraud claims). Oh, and MIchigan is meeting Monday to review these irregularities. If you’re a liberal, you have no idea about any of this. Oh, and Lin Wood’s appeals case is being heard in Georgia as well.

Oh, The Hill — the only only that even mentioned it –had an article on the suits. It said she filed them and they were riddled with typos. THAT was all it said. Not a thing about the content. I know THAT is the important thing here. But the evidence is really compelling. Which is why the content is not mentioned. GA, MI and PA were all particularly horrible. Nevada as well. One big irregularity in WI as well that stinks. But I suspect they were much cleaner than the the former four due to Scott Walker, a great governor.

And there IS something to these machines that need investigation. They were NOT supposed to be online and they were. There were downloads at the last minute and more. ALL three states, GA, MI, PA shut down at the exact same time with different pretexts while they stuffed ballots. It turned out the Georgia thing –leaking pipe — was not even true. There is really good evidence that they calculated wrong on the algorithm. They did the same thing in 2016, stopped counting, but they weren’t prepared to stuff ballots like they were this time. It remains to be seen if they can prove it, but there’s no question, this stinks to high heaven.

And why Hillary Clinton said Biden should never concede. (Oh, but Trump not conceding is threatening our Democracy and Gore not conceding for a month didn’t.)

Stinks to high heaven on so many levels. Go Trump. This has to stop even if this never gets overturned. We need paper ballots all like Canada, voter ID, signature matches, etc. Democrats are not doing this anymore. Guess why we want that — because we aren’t criminals.

The media, as well as leaving out everything about Hunter Biden and the family corruption before the election, is becoming almost criminal in election interference. Russia and China have NOTHING on these people. And what they did to Trump for four years.

Censorship, suppressing news, lying about Trump and this white supremacy–Trump made the distinction that was NOT who he meant, in the first Charlottesville matter, but that didn’t stop them lying about it,–all was coordinated and is election interference.

Trump is right. They are the ENEMY of the people.

And every American should be terrified about this.

And THAT right there is what the war is about. We have to go after them with every available means.

All you need to know here is that for four years Democrats were allowed to accuse Trump of stealing an election coordinating with Russia to do it. All news outlets covered it ad nauseum, even Fox. WITH NO EVIDENCE. They delegitimized his presidency which to some degree hampered his administration the whole time. Broke the law and got illegal FISA warrants (still some hope more than one person is going to jail). But Trump, who has incredible evidence isn’t allowed to be covered, let the people know what is happening because THAT threatens our democracy.

Fuck that.

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