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Let me make one thing perfectly clear. If we could redo this election with all paper ballots and a representative from each party counting every ballot –consistent with laws passed by the legislatures– with voter ID, votes on time, signatures verified, verifying voters actually live in the state and/or not at the UPS store or the post office — and I don’t know, call me crazy — verifying that they are ALIVE–and Biden won, I’d be fine with that.

But this is an amazing thing. I’ve been following Trump’s legal proceedings and the other suits filed on his behalf on Epoch Times website and from folks on Parler. Regardless of whether or not you believe Trump’s lawyers, their activities are NEWS, of course. Then I watch what the mainstream news is reporting, including Fox. And main stream print/web media. Every time Trump has a hearing or a win, it’s not reported. Not until one of the lower courts dismisses a lawsuit. They will only report on bad occurrences.

There are other things not being reported to most of you — like the fact that the FBI is looking into some major fraud in several states where just the people who voted (and didn’t live in the state) are enough to flip the states. The FBI hasn’t announed it, but the analytics company who was approached by them, did.

Nothing in the news. Except at the Epoch Times and Newsmax.

Many GOP run state legislatures in these states are making bids to restore their electors. And are very upset at the extent of this fraud. This includes Michigan and Arizona and I think Nevada, definitely Pennsylvannia. If not Georgia. Certainly there have been Michigan canvassers upset at obvious voter fraud enough to possibly flip the election.

Nothing in the news.

One of the lower courts upheld one of the Pennsylvannia lawsuits (even though an appeals court overturned it) and she thinks Trump still has a good shot at it at the US Supreme Court level. She wrote an opinion on this.

Nothing in the news.

Lots of hearings taking place this week in Arizona and Michigan and I think Georgia.

Next to nothing in the news.

As I write this, midnight, a judge has issued a restraining order stopping corrupt GA governor and secretary of state from resestting voting machines like they planned to tomorrow, not to destroy software and data, and to provide contract with Dominion immediately. Which could prove crucial.

Will we see this reported?

I’ll wager not. Nope, so far, after a quick look on major headlines, nothing. Just, after all these hit pieces constantly on Trump, a slam of Maria Bartiromo for a “softball interview” of Trump. You’re kidding me, right? After four years of not only disastrous press, but deepstate attempts at a coup? After they asked Biden nothing more in the last year than what kind of ice cream he was eating?


Not a word and I’ll wager nothing until the next negative snippet they can find.

This whole thing since 2016 has been a coup, according to General Flynn, and this is just continuing now with this fraud. It’s treason, according to him, and we’ll see if they get away with it. Since they have the help of the media, like they’ve had all along, it’s likely. Psychological warefare. All you need to know, to be sure, that the media is participating is to know that they are leaving out information–a LOT of it. If they weren’t doing it, and if it wasn’t so crucial that they manipulate public opinion, they wouldn’t need to do that.

But they are.

And of course, it will have the opposite effect.

It’s outrageous how much they are controlling what we are allowed to know — or you are allowed to know. Because of course, the American people are not capable of weighing out all the information.

Joe Rogan just did a podcast about just that.

Here is some interesting data analysis for Michigan (where I’d bet my hat Biden did NOT win):

And I’ll bet nobody publishes that.

Instead of telling you what the basis of the lawsuits ARE, the papers just refer to them as “baseless.” WE can decide if they are “baseless” and/or see how they shake out. These are the same papers who claimed they had evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. That he stole an election — for four years they were allowed to say that, and actually news hosts claimed it without any evidence whatsoever.

Right. You know, I believe them.

One big question: WHY did almost all those swing states STOP counting at the same exact that?? WHY?? They did the same thing in 2016 when it started going bad for Clinton, but they weren’t prepared for the extent of Trump’s win that time.

Welcome to your new world.

The state, Big Brother, says 2+2 =5 now. I’m sure you know that, Winston.

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