Carnivore Dreams – Chaffles

This is what I had for dinner.

A chaffle is made from nothing more than cheese and eggs and a waffle-maker. I stacked more turkey and swiss on this than Midget Momma did (then forgot to take my own picture as I’m famous for) and a bit of onion, mayo/mustard. Much thicker. But this is a low carb/keto/carnivore dieter’s dream. You can make burgers, BLT,s (sans tomato and lettuce if you want–I guess that would be a CLUB sandwich — that is perfect for canivore folks), PIZZA you can make out of them if you are keto and can do pizza sauce (or you want to just do cheese and pepperoni, it’s close). You certainly COULD concoct total carnivore sandwiches with these but if you are keto, there is no end to what you can do with monkfruit, dark chocolate, whipped cream and more. Low carb sauces, etc.

But two waffles for a sammich is made with two eggs, and a cup of grated cheese. That’s it.

It’s really tough to go without a bread substitute so this is it. You can vary the savory/sweet thing depending on the cheese you pick. I used sharp cheddar for my turkey/cheese deal tonight, but you can use mozzarella for sweet recipes. I cheated on carnivore with the tiniest bit of mustard and onion.

I have made Paffles with cheese, egg, and pork rinds which gives you a stiffer waffle, a bit crunchier and great if you use butter and syrup, but just the cheese and egg is perfect if you want to use it as bread. And has a better flavor for savory things, for sure.

I only have a tiny waffle maker, so each waffle (side of sammich) took me five minutes to cook, but I used that to make my mayo mixture and get my cheese and turkey ready. A big waffle maker would work great for more folks.

You will seriously never miss bread again.

Oh and need I not have to add: no gluten, no yeast, no additives, nothing that bother most people. Unless you are allergic to eggs, of course. But I’m not.

And it’s so much nicer than lettuce as a bread substitute. It’s a real sammich, folks. Would make a great burger, too, with cheese and bacon…will do that sometime soon. And a club sandwich–can see that soon in my future!

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