Carnivore Dreams – BLM and the Nuclear Family

A group of African American people protest racial injustice in light of protest.

So this is NOT a racial thing. Now BLM is openly advocating (as they once had on their website but temporarily removed it) breaking up the nuclear family and advocating that they can actually REMOVE your children from you if it’s deemed they are at some kind of “health risk.”

This is a globalist Marxist utopian (communist) movement (socialism is only an interim to communism–socialism is an interim economic system headed toward the ultimate goal of communism, the ultimate political system).

Not that all nuclear families are great, they are not,, but the bonding and organic natural state of all living creatures is for a family. You see that in the animal kingdom. It is by far superior to the new proposed nanny state where the state “parents” us all from cradle to grave (though they are fine with getting rid of babies and old people–it’s all about power).

I’m sure they will repost Marxism on the website soon if Biden actually makes it in to power.

These fucking idiots also want to give children drugs to block their natural hormones to postpone puberty UNTIL they decide what sex they want to be. WHERE do these people come from? How would they KNOW what sex they want to be if they have no natural hormones?? If they don’t develop as nature intended? It’s breathtaking the idiocy of these people. Yeah, so take children away from their families and put them in some kind of pods, give them drugs to stop them deciding their sexual orientation…brainwash them, stop free speech, remove the second amendment where they can defend themselves….

Is there anything else to say??

1984 and Brave New World were NOTHING compared to this shit.

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