Carnivore Dreams -Saturday

Another snowy day with my brother en route soon to visit us and my dad for Christmas. Imagine slow going. I think it’s mostly lake effect by that can accumulate pretty fast here by the bay.

Dad made it home yesterday from the hospital, but the commode did not make it here due to “severe weather delay.” And still no arrival date. That resulted in our eventually having to use an old fashioned antique potty complicated by his passing out once along the way. We couldn’t get his blood pressure up over about 88/40 for almost an hour and wouldn’t allow him to get of wheel chair until I got it up over 100/something. Worst part was putting up with him yelling at me. 🙂 Bedside commode still in weather delay it says. We still do not have instructions on the lift, but the home care nurse is due today at 10:30 and will get physical therapists headed here next week. And shower people and all. Would be nice if they were here now.

But it was my mother’s antique potty and they have some pluses, it was built to last, sturdy even for someone over 200 lbs — one, helpers can get on each side –and if she were here, she’d be somewhat amused that it was more useful than a regular toilet since ours sits back in a cubby where we can’t be on each side of him. It was actually a life saver since the alternative of just letting him go in the bed (which was what the Npalliative people said might have to happen to keep him safe), didn’t sound fun at ALL.

(Ginny if you are reading this, I’m sure you can see mom smiling about that potty).

Blood pressure issue is a problem and a big one. The nurse should be somewhat helpful here but we really cannot work much on physical therapy until we get advice from physical therapy people.

But he’s in there shaving with a small mirror and cleaning up some in his hospital bed, my husband assisting since I’m not much at shaving. It’s good to have him home for the holidays and am glad we did not do the rehab and leave him there alone.

So things are ok. Sometimes OK is … OK.

I’ll be the last one to get the bathroom and lucky to be cleaned up before the company arrives.

But that’s “ok,” too.

Happy Saturday, folks.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams -Saturday

  1. Lynn, Just so you know, I read everything you write and wish I could be of help! You are one very amazing young lady and you all are in my prayers every day. Your mom is not only watching you but helping to give you the strength to see you through. When the help comes to bath or whatever is needed for your Dad,take that time to do something nice for yourself. much love and prayers too all of you. Ginny

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