Carnivore Dreams – Big Brother or War of the Worlds

I can’t explain this.

But it’s terrifying.

Today, my father’s physical therapist was here working with my dad. His blood pressure was dropping too low to do any walking so we were trying out the lift deal and doing some exercises at his chair.

All of a sudden from the kitchen, we heard this computer type voice say, “We’re almost ready.”

My therapist heard the exact thing. NO accounting for it. Maybe like an answering machine voice but nobody called here and anyway, it wouldn’t say “We’re almost ready.” It was English and perfectly understandable.

That was it. Nothing else, only once.

It’s absolutely insane.

Maybe a drone hovering overhead or an alien space ship or my house is bugged. I have no idea, but it was not in my head. I had a witness. My dad did not hear it, but the therapist and I heard it clearly.

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