Carnivore Dreams – New Year

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It has been a lousy year. And I have nothing but trepidation for the upcoming one.

Still, I have a few things I can control. Perhaps give my dad a few good months, get the mortgage on our family home. Maybe we’ll get away in the new trailer a few days. MAYBE those things will happen.

Though it’s pretty clear a lot of bad things will happen this year to this country (if the Republican cowards behave true to form and on’t force a real investigation–I live in Antrim County and if those machines can flip votes by ACCIDENT, you KNOW they were doing it on purpose, just ONE way they cheated) and something bad with my father at some point this year. But nobody is dead YET.

We can’t have a life and leave the house because we are all high risk–I imagine that will be the case permanently without really good therapeutics. It’s not about a vaccine no matter what they tell you–not for high risk people. Many will get it no matter what. Hard to say how effective it is or if it will make high risk people sick, so the key is therapeutics. They are making strides in that direction, but not enough antibody treatments out there, I suspect. I wonder if that guy in Louisiana got any.

But I have a Burpee catalogue and will plan what seeds I want for late April. I will also plant the aerogarden soon with tomatoes and peppers and see how those go. It’s all cleaned up. We had lots of lettuce and herbs from it last year and I can plant the tomatoes and peppers any time.

My prime rib is going round and round on my Farberware, potatoes ready to boil, goat cheese popovers, squash. And we have a funky jack in the box cake and store bought cheese cake — oh and shrimp cocktails and champagne and strawberries. I will skip all the carbs and stay to shrimp and prime rib most likey, a taste of popover maybe.

A few friends stopping by….

Happy New Year, folks. Hang in there…

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