Carnivore Dreams — they are still terrified of Trump

This whole thing has been about the threat Donald Trump posed to the charade this establishment had going over the American people. And they are still afraid of him. The only reason to stir things up and do this 25th amendment bullshit or MORE impeachment bullshit (and this was the problem all along) is they need to discredit him permanently. Because he’s popular and they know it. They know he is still a threat to them.

But if they think treating him and half this country like they are some kind of lunatic fringe (as if those Antifa-inspired idiots represent half this country), and if they do not provide the obvious investigation into this horrible election and election reform that is obviously called for here — and instead try to censor and punish and come after half this country, they will be sorely sorry.

They have caused all this jwith their impeachment, lies, constant attacks and now because they wouldn’t look into these irregularities so the people had confidence in what was happening and everything they do makes it worse.

This is NOT a fringe movement. It’s HALF the country who believes in the USA, our founding fathers, and are not communists. And it’s people from all walks of life. If Antifa and BLM violence isn’t representative of all liberals, they know goddamn well, this isn’t representative of all conservative Trump supporters.

But he is such an ideological threat (America first) that he has to go. And so does America. Wow.

6 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams — they are still terrified of Trump

  1. Well said. Our Republic is under siege from the leftist. I see more of this insurrection in the future. Perhaps we should start with media, then go from there. 75 million Americans cannot be ignored.

    1. You are correct. They act like we are some fringe radical group and those people who did that are just like all of us. Unreal. We are under siege. I’m trying to smooth out…

  2. They’re scared shitless that, unless they get him out of the White House, he’s going to declassify and release all their secrets, which could mean prison sentences or a gurney and a needle. They also know he’d still the commander-in-chief over the armed forces and could place the country under martial law, which might lead to military tribunals and firing squads or spending the rest of their lives in an orange jumpsuit in Gitmo. And they know the consequences of what they did yesterday are treason. Pop some corn, this’ll be fun…

    1. Notice he didn’t concede and he didn’t say what the smooth transition would entail. My guess was that speech was to appease the people screaming “impeach!” and “25th Amendment!”

  3. That’s true! And it was at least partly for that reason. I think he also didn’t want innocent people to get hurt. I don’t think he’s done with these people.

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