Carnivore Dreams – End of America

Instead of addressing obvious election integrity and SHOWING the American people, 74 million people, that things were done properly, they’ve chosen to hide all the results and use every communist trick to take away freedom in this country, down to the very right of free speech. With the help of Apple, google, and Amazon, they have shut down Parler now, so that conservatives can have no voice, they think, anywhere. There are places with their own servers. So it’s hard to believe they will pull off shutting down all communication as is their objective.

To think they can silence half the country like this instead of being open about all of it and allowing people to TALK and to see what’s happened is breath-taking. Even though you could see this day coming for four years from these radical, awful people. Liars and fascists, it’s still incredible that it’s here.

Their problem is you can’t silence half this country no matter how many sites you take down and all these efforts to do what they are doing is actually causing America to melt down. It will have the opposite effect and America will be no more. They ensured that when they called Trump illegitimate. When they went on tv every day and said he was a traitor to this country, colluding with Russians–something they were allowed to do every fucking day.

Yet we are not allowed to make them show proof this election was honest.

THEY have caused every bit of this. But of course, that’s been their socialist communist goal. This George Floyd thing and the color war is right out of the communist handbook. Create division among all races, all ages, all genders, and destabilize society so you can gain control. And that’s what they’ve done. While they demonized not just TRUMP, but half the country. They control the media so the narrative they present is outrageous. And pure lies.

And Republicans are complete and utter cowards. The congress people. They always were, and Democrats knew and exploit that weakness.

What a horrible situation.

Trump did NOT incite anything. He told them explicitly to be peaceful. It’s right in his address. Antifa and BLM did it on behalf of your new radical communist party, incited people who were upset and frustrated. Which is just what they wanted. There’s videos of Antifa handing out weapons. Be happy with it if you voted for Joe Biden in the n ame of love. YOu all deserve what you’ve gotten.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – End of America

  1. They’ll never investigate. They got theirs and screw everybody else. They know they stole it, they just think we’re stupid enough not to notice. If they really cared about proving there was no fraud, they would have started two months ago.

    The Republican party needs a good enema. There are too many of them that are afraid of losing their jobs to do anything that their constituents (and more importantly their donors) don’t like to actually do anything of any substance. Trump was too much of a threat to their comfy lifestyles: he wanted them to actually DO something and actually change the laws, to build a border wall, to cut taxes and regulations. They just wanted to go along to get along…

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