Carnivore Dreams – Let’s refresh your memory Madonna and Ashley

From the Sun: Maybe it was the sight of Madonna (yawn) hijacking the event with her declaration that she might blow up the White House. Or “actress” Ashley Judd (who she?) spitting from a stage: “I’m not as nasty as your own daughter being your favourite sex symbol, your wet dreams infused with your own genes.” Nurse!

Here, you can listen to Madonna say all this bullshit: The Women’s March hijacked by Madonna and Ashley Judd wasn’t a real protest… it was a mass tantrum against democracy (

Hollywood and university professors and all the left arm media of the Democrat party threw a major tantrum and incited violence that lasted four years, videos and memes of Trump beheaded or people beating him up. Calling him Hitler. Are they in jail? Did the whole liberal party get their freedom of speech shut down? No, because the left media caused and abetted it all and that is why you are where you are now.

Are you all so stupid you can’t see this? See what Obama and Biden and Clinton did to him with our OWN justice department?

If you’d just let him LEAD. He was FINE. He just didn’t represent the policies YOU wanted. It was policies WE wanted.

None of THAT was INSURRECTION was it? How you all behaved?

You people ought to do some real soul searching. Because when you want to know why this world is falling apart, all you need to do is look in a mirror.

If this was reversed, I’d be fighting like hell for YOUR rights.

Trump and the rest of us can’t ask for an investigation into obvious election fraud and saying that it existed will soon be fucking illegal–mark my words–while they DESTROY everyone who says so, but they could call Trump Hitler (lie about what he said over and over and over–Joe Biden is a fucking liar and ran that shit in ads–that Trump did not from DAY ONE denounce white supremacy–he did it about Charlottesville, he did it dozens of times), behave like THIS, burn down our cities, and none of that was “insurrection.”

What you’ve been doing is a coup and you probably stole this election on top of it and you’ve succeeded due to foreign money and Big Tech interference–censorship of news and conservative voices–the odds are very good–and now since your lies and propaganda aren’t working y ou intend to use force. And authoritarian tactics shutting down free speech.

THIS is the world you have created. Liberals are awful awful people. All of them. Any of them who don’t see what’s happening here and stand up deserve to live in the authoritarian world they have created. And when you want to tak about HATE, you better again, look in the mirror.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Let’s refresh your memory Madonna and Ashley

  1. I think it was that he had the temerity to deny Hillary Clinton her moment in history as the first woman president. Note too that, until he came down the escalator at his hotel in 2016 (2015?) to announce he was running for president they thought he was the best thing since perforated toilet paper…

  2. Yep, they thought he was great but an amusing joke nobody would take seriously. They think they created him, so they need to destroy him. AND US. they are incredibly arrogant people.

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