Carnivore Dreams – Amazon,Google, Apple -Racketeering and the demise of free speech

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Amazon, Google, and Apple just teamed up to put Parler out of business–because that is where conservatives are not censored. Amazon was the one who caused the biggest problem because they stored their data.

We moved to Gab, Me/We (not sure the latter as far as data storage), and there are a couple others. Gab has its own server and they called him a “Nazi” for developing it. How they figure anything of the sort, I have no clue.

Parler is suing and looking for another server. But may be done weeks minimum since they are losing advertisers.

This is outrageous behavior. I don’t even want to KNOW how much shit I bought from Amazon–which was already bothering me. No more. I have Amazon Prime and movies I’ve purchased and already an Amazon Firestick on my tv, but I will be buying NO new movies from them or Hollywood. I’ll look at Netflix and/or stick with my purchases. And I am buying NOTHING from Amazon otherwise.

Let’s see how they like it when 80 million people stop buying thousands (and I mean thousands) of dollars of crap from them a year — especially in this pandemic. I’m guessing I spent between $5,000-$8,000/year, maybe more from Amazon. NO MORE. (X 80 million folks = ? my calculator says that is 4e11 — whatever that means. Not sure how many billions that is and Amazon doesn’t get all of it, but let’s just see how we do, eh?)

Obviously, we can’t guarantee other places don’t buy things from China, but at least they haven’t done what Amazon just did. YET.

So here are alternatives I’m using which will work just fine:

Made IN America Co. – it’s new and great — just search for it. Not carrying a whole lot yet, but clothes and things seem possible.

Walmart – Walmart carries most of what Amazon does. I just ordered latex gloves and things from there.

Costco – they carry a lot of good deals if you are a member.

And lastly: Home Depot or Lowes for the rest.

Individual clothing retail places when you need clothes or better bedding, etc. A little more cumbersome since you might have to set up payment information. But worth it.

Amazon will get not another dime of my money. Except Amazon Prime for my movies — though I may consider dropping even that. I’d already ditched Starbucks and Target. Nike. There is a whole list of anti-American companies to avoid and you should get the entire list. Since I doubt I’ll be buying much from anybody but the above, I won’t include it here. I’ve posted a list in the past and may repost that soon.

This is not how conservatives always behaved but this is a new world.

Besides this, if you have college aged children about to go to college or even if they are there and you can deal with it, give them a gap year or two UNLESS you can guarantee your university believes in the free expression of ideas or it’s a place like Hillsdale.

Homeschool your children. You can’t control what they are telling even young children. (You may find someone homeschooling who can also homeschool YOUR child.)

Don’t buy movies or go to them until conservatives or people who believe in freedom are in charge there again.

Stop watching sports. Or going to games.

Do NOT wear masks when you are outside and not near anyone (as any kind of submission)–of course if you are high risk or in a privately owned place with rules, act appropriately.

Fight so young people can go to work and keep their businesses.

Don’t let them force vaccines on you — that is also something that depends on individual circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Amazon,Google, Apple -Racketeering and the demise of free speech

  1. You know, I didn’t really get to FUNNY, but I did think it was amazing they thought they could do it! And I just wonder if they are prepared to lose the kind of money they are about to. I had already gotten rid of google a long time ago. I use duck duck go. So if EVERYTHING is gonna be political, let’s just go there and see what that does to these huge companies and universities. And like Dick Morris says, if they are going to use all these tactics to win elections, we can do a lot of the same crap. I’m not sure we would cheat like that, but we can register people all over like they are doing and we can essentially gather votes — forget the term they use for that — braindead today. Harvest, vote harvesting. We can cure ballots like they do, and scrounge every vote. And we can kick and scream until those machines are not used.

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