Carnivore Dreams – Insurrection

So for four years, every Democrat in Congress called Donald Trump’s presidency “illegitimate,” and called him a traitor and Hitler. On TV EVERY DAY with NO evidence. The Obama justice department weaponized against a political opponent and used opposition research to obtain illegal FISA warrants to spy on his campaign and American citizens.

They impeached him for trying to investigate TRUE and ACTUAL corruption in the Ukraine and China commited by the Biden crime family.

People apparently burned down our cities in protest against his policies.

They spent FOUR years trying to overturn an election.

None of that was insurrection. But calling for peaceful protests of what we KNOW was a stolen election, THAT is insurrection.

I hate these people. They haven’t just been coming after Donald Trump–they’ve been coming after us–and now they think they can censor us and more.

We’ll see how that works out for them.

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