Carnivore Dreams – Main stream media joke

BTW, NO mainstream asshole media is actually playing Trump’s speech where he emphasized that their protest would be PEACEFUL. And don’t expect that they will, either.

They are just TELLING YOU because they know you won’t do a bit of research yourself (if you are a liberal) what they want you to hear, that he incited a riot.

Give me a break. How these people sleep at night after saying he also said white supremacists were “good people” is something that I can’t fathom. THAT IS THEIR JOB — to tell the truth. You can understand why Biden, slimy politician that he is — LIES FLAT OUT. But journalists are supposed to tell you the truth.

Do NOT count on it. Trump said about Charlottesville that he was NOT talking about white supremacists as being good people — but the people who wanted to keep their statues since they represented more than slavery.

But do not ever expect them to tell you the truth, because they will NOT.

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