Carnivore Dreams – Peace

I can’t really explain it, but I feel some actual peace finally.

Due to?

Maybe some spirituality — belief in a higher power.

Watching Joshua Phillip of Crossroads and Epoch Times. More on this.

My diet: I’ve been good on my diet and that always gave me feelings of euphoria which obviously have nothing to do with my circumstances.

I feel an enormous sense that I (and the rest of the patriots in this country) will have a huge impact on these fascist tactics employed by at least these huge corporations. It was incredibly easy to figure out how to buy everything online without Amazon–easier than I figured. If I could figure out how to not lose my Prime video ability to stream movies, I would have deleted the whole thing. And probably will find a way to do that. But at the rate I was using their service, it feels great to get rid of them. I bought a lot of stuff from Wamart today–it appears they will carry most of what I need, found a lot I can order from Costco, Home Depot and Lowe’s will fill in for much of the rest. And there are clothes retailers you can buy directly from. I get my meat from Butcher Box, Costco, etc. I get my leggings directly from Hue already. I’ve heard plenty of people plan to do the same and Twitter stock fell 12% already.

I of course deleted Facebook entirely and I never tweeted.

Parler is suing Amazon. It’s incredible to think all these people actually think they can shut down conservative discourse. When it came to me and I realized of course that they cannot. Back to Josh Phillip. They have an interview coming up from a guy in Cuba who was tortured for criticizing the government. He said it was horror but it was beautiful how all these people stood up to these tyrants, even in the face of that–they couldn’t destroy their spirits. Josh has a live Q and A every night at 10:30 eastern, Sun. – Friday nights except when he’s on the road.

Don’t stop talking, Josh says. Have faith that others will also not stop talking. Do not ever acquiese. Have inner peace anyway, knowing eventually the tide will turn. He ends every live chat with “Stay safe, stay informed, stay free.” He’s the most honest reporter I’ve found anywhere. He is an expert on communist China and their tactics — all being used in the US right now:

Separate everyone as much as possible. Find people to demonize (Trump and his followers) (Nancy idiot Pelosi said the people who stormed the capitol chose their “whiteness” over democracy–what an absolute idiot and what a fool thing to say. To try to still cause race issues with anything –things that have absolutely nothing to do with it. To pursue impeachment instead of calming things down? is an attempt to achieve hopelessness, to “cleanse”– amazing they would even use such a word, but they are — anyone of ideas that aren’t theirs — and of course try to make it so Trump can’t run again –they are terrified of him). And we have a Republic anyway, not a democracy. Our forefathers were smarter than that–or we’d have toppled long ago. They have tried to separate us by gender, by race, by age, by party, you name it. By area. And the Republican politician cowards might cave as some of them always do, but the people never will. And we know who these politicians are, and we’ll replace them. The next stage is to get people to feel hopeless, destabililze society, then “normalcy” is achieved by the conquering people. Of course, they have a lot of international and big money behind them, but we have ways to fight them. And we will.

Read Love Letter to America. Tomas Schuman. Describes the above.

We will simply not give power to these people anymore. We can home school, we can refuse to support any university that refuses to encourage open debate. We will simply STOP. All of it. There is nothing they can do about it if we stop playing into the places their power resides: Hollywood, left media, universities, and of course lower education. My daughter right now is figuring out as a certified teacher when she can home school her son and a couple others.

And those companies are only huge because WE support them. They think if they destroy Parler, etc., they will be the only game in town. And we’ll be forced to patronize them.

Think again.

Gab has it’s own server. Overwhelmed right now with a million people a day joining.

We/Me is every bit as good as Facebook if you want to share family pictures. Not sure if they can get to them.

Parler will be back.

We can stop watching Hollywood–what losers. And we can make our own arts and platforms. Movie companies, music industry–country music is mostly dominated by conservatives. Not as much as it used to be. We can stop giving money to Amazon, Bank of America, Marriot, Apple, Google. It appears my next phone will be Librem 5. I will be studying up this article. But Trump went after China on this and there are lawsuits from EU against Google. Hope to get rid of them according to this article. Have a look:

Can I buy a phone that doesn’t use anything from Google or Apple? | Smartphones | The Guardian

We have a LOT of people in this country we can still count on to stand up for freedom and our civil liberties. The thing they haven’t counted on: The American spirit. It’s still here. I feel it inside me. And I see it in plenty of other places. And in my friends and family. It’s unfortunate they want to force us into echo chambers by censoring us. And too bad we have to separate from people who don’t think like us — but unfortunately these are divided times. THEY divided us–now they can live with it.

I don’t know if you stop loving people or you do anything violent or act like they have, but you really cannot hang with people who will allow tyranny and censorship, and much of what else is coming. It’s just not possible to have anything in common anymore.

That will prove to be their downfall. The American spirit. It doesn’t just lie with huge billionaires. Not at ALL. It shows how freaking stupid they really are. And their force won’t work because it is US who is holding the economy and fabric of society together. If we stop participating the way we always have, they are in trouble. Big trouble.

There will be ways to deal with these people and this authoritarian tyranny.

No Target, no Amazon, google, Twitter, facebook. Watch Ford–they are “thinking” about doing something stupid. Fed Ex. Marriot, Bank of America, Blue Cross.–I would try Humana for now. We are doing well with them. Starbucks. Nike. PGA. NFL. Start by getting rid of them. And anyone else who believes they can censor half this country. Or throw them in jail for dissent or working on election integrity.

Already, it felt great to get rid of Amazon. I spend between $3-5K/year on things bought through amazon. Times 80 million people x $3K –we will see how they like that– all against 1984.

Please repost.

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