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I had thought about not blogging anymore at all, my heart isn’t in it at the moment. Can’t bring myself even to blog on the carnivore diet at the moment (soon to be outlawed).

But Youtube demonitized Epoch Times (they made about $1K/night at least on there) in an attempt to of course stifle dissent and debate, left pundits talking about the Biden administration discussing networks off the air that “tell Biden lies.” Imagine if Trump had done such a thing…. The new arbiters of truth. And of course conservatives cannot freely talk on facebook or twitter any longer. Amazon, Apple, and Google deplatformed Parler (while mind you, the capitol riot was organized on Facebook by at least in part BLM and Antifa actors dressed in Trump clothes).

But I will at least post the news about the egregious activities of the left, daily. Probably not even long posts like this with my own thoughts. Repost Glenn Greenwald (pulitzer prize winning journalist critical of both parties) and more — because it’s a patriotic duty that we never submit to censorship. If we stop talking, we will be China or Russia under Stalin. Nobody should tolerate this and if we do, we have nobody to blame but ourselves when all our liberties are gone. We must all talk.

So I’ll post the outrageous things they do like Brennan (communist background, check it) saying they were going after all kinds of right wing groups (never mentioned Antifa), including…wait for it…LIBERTARIANS.

So it’s crucial we resist this and vocally. The smaller and quieter we become, the easier for them to take away liberty.

I recommend Tucker Carlson — he’s crucial. Not as fond of Sean Hannity but he does report a lot of important facts. Otherwise, I’d forget Fox News. Matt Taibbi (not always correct on his assessments of the overall picture, but taking a stand against the tyranny of the media, its unfairness, and its censorship. Epoch Times, Newsmax.

It will be important to keep talking and to organize.

I recommend not supporting Amazon, google, Apple (harder, but possible), Facebook or Twitter, no matter what your party, if you value freedom and the first amendment. And any other company going after conservative voices. Of course, the left wants to change our constitution (and they don’t mean amend it — they mean rewrite it –) so perhaps you fall in the latter category in which case there is no real excuse for you. And nothing I could say would mean a thing to you.

So I’ll (at the moment) keep talking about this at least. I’ll likely skip more personal posting for the time being as I take a mental break — things more demanding with caretaking. And I might often just repost things for now.

Ronald Reagan and other people understood how fragile freedom is and we made the mistake before of underestimating the socialist left and their influence in universities, Hollywood, and main stream media — many ideas being manipulated by spies and honey pots from China and other communist parties — all infiltrating into the left (and young people), since of course, the right wasn’t maleable like that or persuadable by idealistic proposals that bore no resemblance to reality.

I’ll remind you today with just a touch of the hatred of the left, something you never saw any conservative do, even Donald Trump, while they label ALL of us white supremacists and haters (Pelosi claiming the protestors at the capitol cared more about their “whiteness” than “democracy” They didn’t just object to a stolen election, of course. Keep dividing, Pelosi you witch):

EVERY single DAY Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell and Jerry Nadler got on tv, from day one, and without evidence called Donald Trump a Russian asset.   A traitor.  Hitler.   They said the impeachment had begun before he ever took office.  Madonna said she’d blow up the White House, Biden said he’d beat him up.  So did Robert Deniro, that idiot. Maxine Waters told people to harrass Republicans.   Get in their faces.  Tell them they are not wanted here.  Insurrection? Obama weaponized our justice department to spy on him and obtain illegal FISA warrants on him and other innocent Americans. Pelosi sat there and tore up his state of the union address on national tv.   Hillary Clinton called us deplorables, and Biden says people who voted for Trump “are not nice people.”  Newscasters get on there and say that if you voted for Trump you are just like the KKK.  You are hanging with them. Don Lemon said the previous this week.   

If you didn’t believe in burning down cities or taking a knee for our national anthem, they came after you.   You were a racist and guilty of white privilege.  My “friends” said I was guilty on facebook daily. If you didn’t want illegal immigration with no checks on national security or disease, you are a racist.  But if you burn down cities in the name of liberal socialism, they write BLM on football fields and jersies.  Give you jobs. Kamala Harris bails you out of jail to do it again if you are a leftist terrorist and says they will never stop and should never stop.  John Brennan (the communist– look up his background) just got on tv and said they were coming after all these groups he listed which included of course Trump supporters and libertarians.  Never mentioned Antifa. What?  I could go on for pages.   I should play you a montage of the hate we’ve put up with all while you leftists accused us and him of things that are patently false.  Police do not exterminate black people even if there are a few bad ones and some who choke under pressure and make bad decisions.  That last one the press said was unarmed, that got shot 7 times? just told the truth and said he was reaching for a knife and he shouldn’t have done that.  Amazing he waited until the election was over to say it and the press of course didn’t report on it. As usual. Though I’m sure they knew.

Nor did they announce the vaccine was here until afterward.  Or that it was true about Hunter Biden and old Joe ought to be investigated where we have evidence we actually ARE compromised by China and Russia.  Or that it was true the virus started by scientists who didn’t know their ass from page 8 in a lab, bitten by bats as they messed with gain of function research (look up the horror on that) FUNDED by Anthony the God Fauci. You want to listen to THIS guy?

Donald Trump NEVER said white supremacists were good people  — specifically said they were NOT — yet no journalist ever called them on that –except on Fox and often NOT — and he never said ALL Mexicans were rapists and criminals.  He said he was sure some of them were good people but a lot of them weren’t that were coming over.  Gangs and drug dealers, sex traffickers. But the point is we don’t KNOW, he said. Which is WHY we …wait for it…have legal immigration practices.  That is the extent of anything he ever did besides exaggerate his achievements.You have NEVER heard conservatives talk like above.  EVER.  Not conservative politicians, not conservative newscasters.  They talk about issues. Nor did Donald Trump come after any of you.  Ever. Or censor you. Or call your behavior insurrection — though he did call it the coup attempt that it was — he just took no appropriate punitive measures against it. He wasn’t a smooth politician and at times cost himself a lot of trouble because of it. But on his worst day, he’s not done what these people have all while they call US monsters and “haters.”

Any time a liberal can’t win discussing issues, you are a hater and a racist.

Unity? Don’t make me laugh.

Again, I’ll repost for a while anytime there is some civil liberty atrocity to report on daily now. And I’ll do that until they censor me. But maybe not as much of my own voice for a couple weeks.

If we stop talking, they win. So every time they stop you talking one place, find another. Never give up.

I will leave you with Josh Phillip’s send off from each live podcast — “Take care of yourselves, stay informed, stay free…”

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – My blog future

  1. Be sure to have a Plan B if you’re going to continue to post political posts. WordPress dropped both Fellowship Of the Minds, a Conservative/alternative news/“C0nsp1racy” blog, and MemoryHoleBlog, an alternative news/“C0nsp1racy” blog run by a now-disgraced professor who gave a platform to an array of voices, though never took a form stand either way himself.

    WordPress is no friend to the 1A.

  2. Hm. Well, I don’t have a plan B, I guess. Was the professor “disgraced” just by WordPress or some other way? Huh. Well, I am n ot sure what the plan will be. Me/We is conservative right now but no idea who the server is on that. Obviously Parler is not back up. I plan to focus my “political” writing on free speech mostly, not on much else since that is the thing most important to me. It would seem strange to consor people for writing on free speech on a free speech blog. Here is my email address. I may gather a few others from here. i want to know how things are with you. When did this happen and how did you find out?

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