Carnivore Dreams – Forgive?

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Forgive? I don’t know. Maybe somehow. Forrest always forgave crazy leftists and loved Jenny anyway.

If you voted for Trump (and I did not in the primary), for four years you’ve watched your president be unfairly and relentlessly attacked, while you were attacked on social media — either personally or “impersonally” all while telling us if we didn’t agree with them, we were “haters” or “racists.” WE were the haters.

I didn’t like this, but I had no major problem with my leftist friends who were sucked into this mess, despite a few heated exchanges. I was able to separate them from the insanity.

Now, though, with obvious election irregularities that even leave in doubt the winner of this election (still not the problem), conservatives have been demonized as “cultists” talked about being “deprogrammed, and are being censored and punished by the left all while they call for “unity” which really means “uniformity.” As a writer, I am so offended that my “friends” don’t see what is happening here and aren’t standing up for freedom of speech or freedom at all, or for ME –having some kind of Trump Derangement Syndrome that leftist politicians are using to destroy America and install a one party rule.

This is so much harder for me to forgive or overlook. I can do differences of opinion–I always have–after all I belonged to the Michigan literary community once and loved and respected many of my writer colleagues — until they found out I was a conservative and ex-communicated me. Ruined my writing career. I don’t know if I can do censorship and tyranny while my friends stand by and do nothing. Another New York Times article about how they are not just going to go after Parler but anyplace we talk uncensored, going after every “rabbit hole” we retreat to –acting like ALL 75 million of us are some kind of terrorist group — even saying we are worse than the terrorists of 911. How can they condone such a thing or believe such obvious lies and tactics right out of a socialist/communist playbook?

And how on earth do they reconcile being free to call Donald Trump a traitor and a Russian asset and talk of impeachment 24/7 even before he took office and then claim we (with way more evidence) are not allowed to even DISCUSS election fraud? Antifa attacked the White house once and Donald Trump had to be put in the basement bunker, but a few unarmed people going into the capitol is right away “insurrection” –but worse, associated with every Trump supporter, 99% of whom would never have done that — and they KNOW it. While Harris bailed out Antifa and BLM terrorists all summer and said they weren’t going to stop and shouldn’t. How do they reconcile that and not see the danger here? Let alone Biden’s “Put America last” executive orders since he took office? Rescinded Trump’s ban on China having access to our power grid? 10,000 and more likely sick people headed for our border and/or not deported when we can’t support our own people? No travel ban from middle eastern countries that do no security checks before they head here? You notice no terrorist attacks here during the Trump years. Biden stopped Native Americans from drilling and put millions of Americans and Canadians out of work — and is giving up energy independence (instead let them drill in the middle east, but put us back at their mercy — THAT will promote peace, right?) He’s caved to the teacher’s unions and will destroy charter schools that black people need so desperately. And the environment won’t be effected by THEM drilling in the middle east, only us? Do these people have a screw lose? And WHO do they think is paying for all this?

I don’t know. Nobody censored them ever — you have SOCIALISTS running for office claiming they want to “fundamentally change America” — openly –and they are allowed to do so because that is what America was founded upon, but we are being terrorized and our very constitution violated by these people simply for voting for issues we believe in and for questioning this election. There are single issue voters who voted for Donald Trump simply because they didn’t want you all killing full term babies on operating tables — or Down Syndrome children (I have one). Half the electorate.

How do you forgive that? I had one “friend” who repeatedly lies to me and has numerous times–and says he has no respect for me, so he has proven not to be anything of the sort. Nobody needs friends like that. But I have other friends who have not behaved like that — I have always loved and always will, but how on earth do you move forward when they can condone such atrocities? They just listen to what people say and not watch what they do, apparently. They can’t point to a single authoritarian thing Trump did like this–and of course, with the globalist technocracy involved and willing Marxist conspirators–it would have been difficult for him to try. He was right about one thing: the media truly is the enemy of the people in this country now. Though he had no inclination to do anything like that anyway. Left states to deal with things as they wanted to.

He was not perfect, he didn’t respond to total attacks full time well and they never gave him the benefit of a single doubt as to what he meant, but he was way too naive about how truly ruthless these people are.

I’m sure they plan to force vaccinations or take away all your rights to do anything, but they will never put that thing in MY arm.

So as things continue to get worse for conservatives and libertarians (and John Brennan, a former? communist–look him up– just added libertarians to his list of “cultists”), how is it possible to forgive people who would allow this? Or who really want this Marxist fascist society? I don’t think you can on your own. Perhaps you can’t hang with them anymore, but you can put them in God’s hands and ask him to help you let go of them personally somehow. I’m not sure. It’s likely the best I can work toward. Because it really hurts personally in a way that is hard to describe.

Not only is America dying, but it’s the old Stalinist joke — only now we are the USSR. When the American gets to hell, the devil is pushing him into the cauldron; when the Russian gets there, his own citizens are pulling him down into it.

Only now we are Russia.

And it’s your BEST FRIENDS.

I am fairly certain they will all be sorry someday for this, perhaps someday actually get all the news that is being kept from them (and again, the reason I know this is happening is that nothing my leftist friends send to me is a surprise to me–I’ve heard their take on Fox or read it myself in the New York Times or Huffington Post— so I know all their positions and their spin –but they will say to me they have no idea what I’m even talking about).

Because they don’t.

Of course, they will be told any other point of view is insurrection and evil and a cult. People they’ve know all their lives being lumped in with terrorists.

I am not very religious, but I AM spiritual, and the best I can do is to ask Him to help me put those I love in His keeping and let them all go. Mostly, because hating them will only hurt me. I will pray for that…and for them…I’ll try anyway…

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