Carnivore Dreams – Sink and Sat. Ponderings

Hm, for some reason, the first picture isn’t all of it so it looks like the second one. We put in a new sink and faucet, desperately needed–and some photos of Christmas dinner and Christmas Eve dinner as well. Only took my husband three days to install a garbage disposal and I will spare him and you the obviously silly things he did that caused this… But it is now finally done. And he did not have to call the plumber.

Plans are to sand down the countertops and oil them, paint the bathroom, and possibly some new couches. Pretty soon. But we will see. Some inexpensive projects, moving the INdian rugs up and the braided rugs down–Mom and I had SOME similar tastes. We both loved primitive antiques mixed in and metal of all kinds and wood. But she liked country (she was an antique dealer) and I like a more eclectic contemporary mix. She did love Indian rugs and all so she would not be upset I’m moving her good one to the living room and the braided rugs to the guest rooms, I don’t think. I like things much more sparse than she did, but I still think she would approve. Eventually a new stove and fridge and a bathroom redo, some new walls in the basement. Lots of things to work on. Little at a time.

Some new art. My daughter will take a picture of our Inukshuk up a the property for over my bed, and I might bring an Inuit painting from the camp for one wall here. Have her do another canvas for upstairs there. Something horizontal rectangular.

Appraisal supposed to happen this week, so we’ll do a good house cleaning on Monday.

Since I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to leave you with just a cheerful post, let me add that Biden the idiot has just passed a bill saying children can go against their parents and be vaccinated (I’m sure this comes before scooping them up and re-educating them–outrageous — and of course, they will soon be able, as little children to obtain sex hormones–my God); and another bill that expands the eviction moratorium to landlords and properties NOT just subsidized by the government. Which if he also kills the economy, will kill us. We own a small modest apartment complex. WE ALWAYS get screwed. I am sure then the government will offer “help” and will partially own these apartments, the means of production. Their aim.

You watch.

But my daughter is going to get them all tested and maybe come next weekend for the superbow.

But I am about to do some yoga and soak my head in the tub before making some filets with béarnaise sauce and some sautéed shrimp–baked potatoes and broccoli for those guys.

Happy Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Sink and Sat. Ponderings

  1. Gosh all that food looks and sounds amazing!! And I love the countertops! I finally, for the first time ever, have butcher block counter tops at the place I live now and they’re so nice.

    1. That posted before I was done! Thank you so much! My countertops need sanding and treating with Hemp oil. Will do that this week. Need projects to keep me sane right now! I ordered some ducks to roast for this weekend, too. And maybe I’ll even get back to writing. Happy Sunday.

  2. Hey, I like the cheerful post. Though the other part has reason. The sink looks both attractive and extra-useful. I didn’t know you like Inuit art (maybe I haven’t been paying attention). I like it, too. The painting and woodworking, use of colors. I’m particularly fond of the Inukshuk that, like your sink, combines art with function.

    I hope you’re not getting snowed on too much.

  3. At our place off the grid, in Michigan’s upper peninsula, we made two Inukshuk’s, one out by the road and one by the fire pit. One to show the way (in where there was peace), one to preside over the firepit — the keeper of the flame. Made them out of broken concrete when we removed from the entryway to the “garage.” The “garage” got turned into a rustic camp. Very large garage. We bought it from a Native American guy. He had the upstairs finished off to live in and a huge downstairs for his toys, a cabin in mind up by the river someday. That’s what we thought, too, until 2008 when my husband got laid off and they ruined our retirement messing in the housing market. So we turned the “garage” into this very cool industrial camp that is really neater than a traditional cabin would have been. One of the garage doors we filled in with huge windows; one still rolls up and opens the inside onto a screened in porch. And instead we built another “outbuilding.” I had been going to Stratford every year back then and going in the art stores. I loved the art–much better than the usual southwest Native American stuff. I was so drawn to it, and since my family came from Canada, part of the lumber/steam boat crowd, blacksmiths, and draypeople, I was sure we had Inuit blood. Dad and I looked it as did his cousins. But 23 and Me said no (but at the same time said I had actual Native American relations–something very weird about DNA–it can come one grandmother and not the other, etc.) So I bought a painting, a sculpture and an etching thing. Times changed and my husband had to go from project manager desk job at a developer to driving a truck for three years to keep things afloat. I had already had a book published, so was able to finish my undergrad quickly, get my MFA and teach during and after at Northern Michigan University.. I miss Stratford so much. We used to stay at the Elora Inn outside of town for a couple three nights. See one Shakespeare play and usually a musical or something else. And yes, art isn’t really art without function to me. My mother was an antique dealer and though I don’t like the country look like she did, I like the primitives and a contemporary mix, less stuff, but art that I refer to as “idea” art. My camp is a place of ideas. Now if we can manage to keep this house in the family (since my family has been here in upper lower Michigan since 1850), I’ll tweak this from how my mother had it. Normally, we would be sure our apartments would pay for it someday, but things aren’t what they were anymore. But Minimalism and ideas still, here. Small, inexpensive projects with times so uncertain. I guess I was very worried under Obama, but thought maybe Trump would convince people our foundation was good–the communist globalists knew (and know) that would and will happen. Otherwise, if they can convince US things are so great, why do they care if he runs again? They are terrified of him–and us. I didn’t realize how much damage they could really do until Trump got in there. It’s worse than a death which you accept as an inevitable part of life. I feel like I hate these people like they’ve hated us for four years now and that feels bad. And they are confining us to our homes, wrong for young people, but probably would be the case at my age and as caretaker, so at least right now until they collapse the whole thing, my home and my camp are my refuges (the camp a place we may have to retreat to–the Yoopers are good people and know how to take care of themselves and help each other–populist Democrats turned Trump supporters except in Marquette where the university is). The rest of our retirement rests in our small apartment complex downstate. It appears they are going to make it so we can’t evict people for non payment — without supporting small business, so that is no longer safe and who knows if we can sell them in five years like we need to. They had already messed up our retirement and ruined the appreciation in our rental houses (in 2008 – if you are going to give poor people 125% loan to value, for God’s sake don’t put them on a VARIABLE interest rate–what assholes). Well, look, I’ve written a book! My goodness.

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