Carnivore Dreams – Sunday of Rest and Faith

A repeat of some of my dream imagery. I dreamed a lot last night and haven’t been writing them down or paying attention to lucid dreaming — or writing — of course. So I forgot the dream already except to remember it made no sense. And something was wrong.

Of course, something is wrong.

A woman I love who follows my blog (you’ll know who you are, Susan) — says that she knew all was lost in 2009 in our country. I was terrified then as well seeing where they were headed, but I had real hope that Trump could restore faith in our founding principles with young people — and he would have– had they not orchestrated a complete demonization of a guy who was no politician and flawed–but no more than they are, less! — and the take down of a human being — simply because they knew we would like him and like the economy and that threatened their Great Reset, their global, bloodless, ideology. They know even minorities would like him.

That is the big push to be sure he can’t run again. Because if they hadn’t stolen this election and were sure they could convince us how wonderful they were, they would simply move on. But they know probably over half this country believes in America and they are terrified of US. How dare they try to take the decision away from Americans — but that is the fascist socialist left for you. Get ready.

But back to Susan. She says she put her faith in God and let go. And found her own peace and formed a support system with her friends and family. A couple of my blog followers help lower my temperature and she is one of them. I am not religious in a traditional sense despite having gone to Oral Roberts University–a long interesting story for another day — (my grandmother went to the Unitarian Church–ok, a diversion here: famous unitarians — Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Quincy Adams (my distant cousins), Charles DARWIN? was religious? I wish an old friend of mine could see that since he was always an evolutionary science worshiper and insisted that meant God didn’t exist). Wow, I never knew that. He was going to be a clergyman! How amazing Charles Darwin was religious. It says he was raised Unitarian but was later Anglican. Ha, I assumed he was an atheist. And I guess he became one, though it seems he was more against organized dogma and religion. And as a Unitarian, he wouldn’t have believed scriptures were literal words of God anyway. His wife was unitarian all her life, though he stopped attending church. And all this time, I have argued and my books are always about how evolution and religion are all part of the same whole which he would certainly have agreed with if he acknowledged religion at all. Who else, oh, Ralph Waldo Emerson–one the most brilliant people who ever lived and one of my favorite writers and philosophers-Isaac Newton–amazing things scientists didn’t see anything contradictory–even Darwin! and Einstein didn’t, either! Paul Revere, Kurt Vonnegut — just to name a few brilliant folks. At any rate, I suppose I most have inherited my grandmother’s views of a non-denominational religion that welcomed gay people (she played cards with two gay men weekly) and wasn’t weighed down by specific dogma or even tortuous arguments about whether Jesus was the literal son of God. Just a belief we were all talking to the same guy. And a spirit of generosity. The golden rule was how she lived.

My grandmother, was sophisticated and worldly. She was one of the first women to graduate from University of Michigan–of all things in theater. Her sisters and brother also graduated from there, the sisters teachers, her brother a dentist. Her youngest sister was the one who paid for them all to go. My grandmother wrote beautiful letters which is likely where I got at least a little talent. She was widowed at age 35, never remarried and raised my dad alone. She had cancer three times. She worked for White Chapel Funeral Home and she took care of people when they died–usually people who had no one. One of them left her a house, so she was able to provide for my dad all her life. Young people came to her for marriage counseling. A young man my age stopped in when he heard she was finally dying and said, “oh no, I hope not,” and sat and cried.

My grandmother put her faith in God and let go. She had a little pamphlet called The Daily Word it says is still published by the Unity Church. I hadn’t looked in decades! She paid for a subscription for me for years and I continued it after her death until it somehow didn’t get renewed and I never tracked it all down again.

It will take her kind of fortitude to survive in this horrible tyranny–a tyranny perpetrated in the name of “love.” A race war manufactured by them for power and anyone who sees the world differently is a “hater.” Or of course, a racist.

It will take her kind of faith. And Susan’s. Another blogger I follow has this kind of faith, clcouch (not sure of his real name), has that kind of faith, I can tell. Faith is not just about religion, it’s about the ability to put a foot in front of another (as I’ve written about repeatedly), it’s about having faith in one another, something it seems we’ve lost.

But it’s ultimately about Faith.

I wonder if I possess that. We’ll find out…

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Sunday of Rest and Faith

  1. Your grandmother and her story are amazing! I hope it feels good to know the genes of her talent course through you. Thank you for mentioning me. You’re right; I do believe. And, you’re right, faith is more than religion. Ideally, religion is like a tool for faith. And I’m sorry–I set up my blog very simply and largely out of ignorance and so the name is the user name I set up for WordPress. And for now that’s the name I guess I’m going by ’til I learn to do it all better. My name is Christopher (named this because my mother liked the Winnie the Pooh stories) and Couch (like the furniture). What is your preference for your name (Lynn Fay)?

    1. Sorry (again), I should say that professionally I do use C L Couch. It’s genderless and an easy form to use for signatures and such because I have terrible writer’s cramp. But when it’s person-to-person, it’s Christopher.

    2. Never liked my married name much. Lynn Ellen Kimball is what I was born with. But I am fine with any surname. Lynn is how I prefer to be addressed. Not L.E. that I write under.

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