Carnivore Dreams – The Road Forward

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I have of course been struggling with things on many levels. Anger and fear for my children, being the most paramount.

But I have done the best I can and will do the best I can and now can do nothing more than leave it to God, as my grandmother once did. And some of my friends.

I won’t support anyone involved in this fascism. It’s not much, but it’s something. I will focus on what I am still free to do: enjoy my family and home, travel in my travel trailer, and hope I still have a retirement. And write, of course, though I have already been excommunicated and silenced to a great degree. Which I expect to continue. I realized if we want to remain free, we must keep talking. If they succeed in silencing us, our freedom will be gone for good. I will, though, press on, and tell my Truth until they come for me.

Which they might.

Today is Sunday. My second post. My day of rest. I day I do not exercise unless I feel like a walk. And rarely do much house work. I will cook some scallop pasta for these folks and soak in the tub.

Perhaps I’ll subscribe again to Daily Word.

Happy Sunday.

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