Carnivore Dreams -Einstein, Freedom and Me – MIA

A little Einstein this morning. Unfortunately, imagination can take you some bad places, too. But without it, nothing truly wonderful is possible at all. Imagination interspersed with a little logic works out pretty well, though. I'd add that the third ingredient might be freedom--no longer an ingredient we can take for granted. I've been off … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams -Einstein, Freedom and Me – MIA

Carnivore Dreams – The Purge

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on Unlike what they've reported, there is no evidence that any protestor on Jan. 6th killed anyone. NO ONE. The capitol police killed an unarmed woman climbing through a window -- from all indications -- unnecessarily. And no evidence they were armed with any firearms whatsoever. The poorest "planned insurrection" … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – The Purge

Carnivore Dreams – Party of Hate – Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh died yesterday. And it's heartbreaking for at least the 43 million people who listened to him daily. And likely about half the electorate in America. He started out poking fun at Democrats--he was first and foremost an entertainer. They never understood that he was kidding, though it's true, that his talent was "on … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Party of Hate – Rush Limbaugh