Carnivore Dreams – Diet and Health Update

Holiday “remains” of double chin and more. However, I AM down six pounds from the FOURTEEN I gained over the holidays. Not because of the holidays at all but because I have been so depressed–caregiver, virus, and politics–never been so low.

So eight pounds to go be back where I was. But the days are getting longer and I’ll start walking along with the dog and my husband in the evenings soon and I’ve added my exercise and yoga back in, ten days’ worth now.

My dad has Parkinson’s and I was getting a little nervous about some shaking in my left thumb–was hoping it was just so much typing — I hold it totally differently than I do my right hand–or essential tremor. I do NOT want Parkinson’s.

But I want to mention to Keto or carnivore types that even though carnivores rarely take supplements (even vitamin C which seems to be lacking, though asymptomatic)–magnesium is one you might consider. I take Magnesium threonate (Dr. Mercola’s) just started adding it in since I also take a tiny dose of his calcium, bigger dose of vitamin D and K supplement. I’ve noticed two huge improvements. Thumb is much better and no gum bleeding! I never DID have gum bleeding until I let the dentist talk me into capping my six upper teeth and my gums do NOT like porcelain or whatever they are made of and never really settled down. Until now.

It seems to have helped my nerves a little, but am still having headaches.

I just researched and see that magnesium threonate is shown to help Parkinson’s patients, so just gave some to my dad as well. Not to mention almost everyone is deficient and it helps joints, pain, fibromyalgia and many other issues, mental health included. Supposed to improve Alzheimers or protect. It’s expensive but worth it.

Otherwise, I’ve been good on my carnivore diet which is also helping cravings. Add even a little sugar into a sauce and you’ll get them back pronto. I do get away with a glass of wine on weekends. But otherwise, stick to animal protein. I’m better limiting cheese some as well, though I do ok on some of it.

I’ve been reading a lot about biochemistry and supplements and diet and coronavirus. One of the things it mentioned about people who did worse was that they had auto-immune problems, though they didn’t list mine, Hashimoto’s, most of the others — lupus, sjogrens, etc. But they DID mention auto-immune and CARBOHYDRATES and something to do with them and the virus. I didn’t really understand it because it wasn’t explained and I can’t find the original article. Was in National Geographic or some other high profile magazine. I can’t find it now, but it was interesting carbohydrates were part of it.

Ok, found it, well not it, but other articles and scientific treatises. I guess there is this carbohydrate needed to enter the cells, heparan sulfate, as well as the ACE2 receptors in order for coronavirus to infect people. People with diabetes have high levels (and I’m guessing people who are obese and I imagine eat a lot of carbs) would be more at risk. And obviously do more poorly. There are some articles saying low carb people do better, but they don’t know much about it yet.

Since I’m slightly old, have Type A blood and Neanderthal genes (everybody does but I have more–a risk factor I read), need to make sure I don’t have any others. I have very low glucose, low triglycerides, but high cholesterol, very high GOOD HGL and I’m not overweight on weight charts– even though I think I am a little. Have a bit more belly fat that normal for me. Interestingly, this heparan sulfate also leads to Alzheimer’s and cancer and heart disease, so this is not stuff you want. All these diseases are associated with Diabetes, so you don’t want that, either. Heparan sulfate levels also affect autophagy negatively, which is a cleaning up of your cells, a good thing. Fasting and restricted calorie intake promote autophagy as well I think as exercise.

So I am thinking very low or no carb, whole food, grass fed, and some good supplements. Exercise. I guess zinc, vitamin D (and K and magnesium, calcium but not much calcium in supplement form) are good. They say melatonin might be good, but it bothers my auto-immune issues. I take some vitamin C off and on and cod liver oil, occasionally a liver supplement if I need Tylonol or drink much wine. Contains NAC. But this research makes me convinced low carb and no junk food is the way to go right now. I take some zinc, though it can be hard on the stomach, so I watch that.

They have done some studies where they gave people hospitalized vitamin D, magnesium, and B12 and they had much better outcomes than the control groups.

As I said, most carnivores do not take supplements, but I feel right now I need to do that. And have had some good results with Magnesium threonate.

My recent physical was pretty good other than my weight being up a bit.

I’ll update this report in a week or two.

Happy Monday.

One thought on “Carnivore Dreams – Diet and Health Update

  1. I’m sorry about the headaches and, goodness, all the other challenges. Dealing with Parkinson’s in your father must be difficult. I’ve known people with Parkinson’s though can only imagine taking care of the afflicted day by day. I’m glad you’re taking measures for your own health.

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