Carnivore Dreams – Headache and a little Einstein

My head pounds.

Monday, always a trial, and I woke with it again. I am writing this, but not sure I can do much of anything else until it lifts. Not sure if it was the tiny bit of tomato and spice in the cream sauce, the new magnesium supplement (that is helping my gums and thumb tremor), or just the keto type flu of adjusting to no sugar–possibly all of the above.

Sleep deprived.

My neck. Pain in. Perhaps I’m suffering metaphorically, though you’d think my ass would hurt as well.

My dad’s catheter leaked again. What fun it is to wipe someone’s fanny and clean up spilled urine all the time.

And never get to leave the house.

But even that is a picnic compared to much of what else is happening here.

And this is a guy who believed in science. (And religion.)

I know I’ve posted this quote before. Einstein’s quotes were all amazing.

And I doubt he’d favor the Great Reset and the new power of the technocracy to oppress and censor those they don’t agree with–cooperating –, because of carrot and stick prodding and basic globalist interests– with the US government. Government control over content is not the answer, like the EU proposes. The answer is competition they are trying to shut down.

And more speech.

Not to mention, we are likely in this virus predicament precisely because of the hubris the left is always accusing the right of–because they made a mistake in a Wuhan lab messing with gain of function research. Messing with viruses — all funded by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. All at the altar of the Science God.

It’s hard not to see this as God’s answer to this Frankenstein technology and technocracy. Divine justice. Hard not to see it as man’s incredible conceit, messing with and predicting things we are not smart enough to handle. All while using it all to control and oppress our fellow humans.

I am reading conservatives’ posts in the few remaining places they are still free to do that–and the utter despair and fear and anger is palpable. The left claimed they were “afraid” of Donald Trump, the racist. Only none of that was true. That he was a racist. He’s never said anything like what comes out of Biden’s mouth–even now–let alone in the past. The left flat out lied about Trump’s comments and the media repeated it ad nauseum. Donald Trump was a guy who thought he could help everybody, wanted everybody to love him and was no more racist than anyone can claim to be since ALL people have some degree of prejudice — and actually handled the level of attacks on him better than anybody could have. Not that his responses were perfect. But the left attacks were designed to demonize him and organize around that perceived “enemy.” Real or not.

The sheep bought it.

Donald Trump never came after his political opponents the way the left does. He SPEAKS that he does not like someone’s political position and expresses why. That is the American way. And he never had the cooperation of any media to demonize anyone had he wanted to. He tried to warn the American people of this fascist Marxism the left was espousing–the true fascists. Obama’s IRS targeted conservative groups and that is all happening again. Obama spied on conservative American journalists. Obama’s justice department weaponized and spied and framed political opponents. And Trump certainly never demonized the left voters other than the few violent people burning down our cities and killing police officers. He assumed they did NOT represent all liberals. Unlike what the left is doing to conservatives and Trump voters: we are all terrorists and cult members.

I think they are actually trying to provoke a violent reaction–everything they are doing is purposely doing that–nothing they’d love more –because if they can get a few rash people to respond (or pay them to) then they can justify coming after people in fascist ways that will make your head spin.

America is unrecognizable now. All perpetuated by Obama who had planned all along to move us into socialism.

But Donald Trump was just a guy who saw this coming and tried to stop it. Not a perfect human being and no politician. Just a guy who believed our forefathers were unique and geniuses and that America was basically good. And who believed in putting us first, not last.

Here is why we voted for Donald Trump and why we have absolutely NOTHING in common with the fascist left. THIS is the “cult of Trump”:

  1. We believe in free speech–of all kinds–always– unless it is specifically and expressly violent (and that is not words like “fighting” for something, “throwing a punch,” etc, and certainly not “let’s peacefully and patriotically protest” –political speech the left has utilized for decades) or child porn, etc. This censorship should not be tolerated by any American and I promise you I would not tolerate it in reverse. If this dies, America dies.
  2. We do NOT believe in murdering full term babies on operating tables even if some of us would reluctantly approve of abortion within 10-12 weeks. So we do not believe in giving it to illegal aliens as well! WHO is paying for all this?
  3. We do NOT believe you can mandate vaccines (amazing– same people who have justified murdering babies because it’s “my body” will suddenly say it’s not our body–suddenly it will belong to the collective –when it comes to vaccines.)
  4. We do not believe babies should be aborted just because they have Down Syndrome–what a sad sad world we are creating.
  5. We do not believe in open borders or just allowing illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, and putting all these people on assistance because we:
  6. Believe Americans come first. We are not globalists (which sounds idealistic but is anything but in practice.)
  7. Believe America is not fundamentally “racist” and that we should not in any way demonize a person for the color of their skin — ANY color. So we do not believe in critical race theory which is unconstitutional. There is such a thing as white privilege, but discrimination is not a way to fix discrimination. Things were really progressing well through improvements in education (CHARTER SCHOOLS! were still needed–the left caved to the “white supremacy teachers’ unions) –the left has created a race war that was not only not necessary, was done to disrupt society, erase our culture, and implement Marxist principles.
  8. We believe police training can be improved and that there are a few bad apples as there always are but that they are not systematically exterminating black people.
  9. We do not believe violence is justified for anyone, but that includes the left (Harris bails them out to do it again.)
  10. We do not believe in open borders when we cannot afford to take care of our own people and when we can’t control criminals, terrorists, OR SICK people flooding over. Nor can we afford to support even immigration at that rate.
  11. We do not believe men should compete in women’s sports or use their bathrooms–this is another way to disenfranchise women. We do not believe in giving children sex hormones when they have no idea who they are and are not really choosing anything for themselves.
  12. We do believe in our constitution — that when it needs changing, it must be legislated. AMENDED. That is the process our forefathers put into this grand experiment–the process by which you change things. Not from the bench, but through congress–the people we ELECTED to do that. And not by executive order which should be reserved for rare instances–abused by all presidents but never like Biden has just abused it.
  13. We think gay people should have the same rights as anyone else, but they do not have the right to force us to say it’s just “normal.” Or to force us to use any politically correct speech.
  14. We thought Trump would provide a good economy because he knew how to manage things — and he did. Until the idiot Chinese (aided by our own CDC funding and draconian lockdowns) brought it to its knees.’
  15. We believe you need to be an American citizen to vote, that you need voter ID, that signatures and addresses have to be verified so they aren’t just manufacturing votes. That paper ballots are needed like in Canada WITH PEOPLE observing. That mail in ballot expansion is a way to ensure we never again have a fair and free election.
  16. We do not believe in letting China and other world powers off on these ridiculous climate change rules. All people have to obey them or none do.
  17. We do not believe in not being energy and militarily independent. The “environment” isn’t any better for letting them drill in the middle east rather than here.
  18. We are not Marxist socialists.

There are some other reasons, but these are the big reasons. “The Cult of Trump.” 75 MILLION “cultists and terrorists.” Give me a break. You may disagree with this list, but that does NOT make Trump or conservatives cultists or terrorists.

Posts by conservatives say that this society has already failed–there is too much division and hate now–all sown by the left purposely. And they may be right. I wrote to my S. Korean student who loved it here so much he wanted to come back and teach here, that he’d likely be better off in S. Korea now. He is a Christian and fairly conservative — no point in moving back here.

And the odds of this whole society not crumbling are not very good.

Yet though my faith has been tried sorely, I have not given up ALL hope. History is full of good people persevering against horrible odds. As they say in Miracle on 34th Street “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.”

We still believe in all of the above and they are not tenets for the faint of heart. They always required the utmost courage.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Headache and a little Einstein

  1. I hope you feel better soon Lynn. Like you mentioned it must be all of the things you mentioned that’s having an impact on you but more so the diet and having so much to do for your dad. Do stay strong and take some time out for yourself.

    1. Thank you, Smitha. I am thinking about you and your sadness. I’m painting my bathroom as a distraction. Lots of painting things could go on…lots of distractions. XO

      1. Thank you so much Lynn. Art is keeping me going and even then there are times I find my heart sinking without control. I hope your dad’s doing better now and you’re feeling stronger. XXX

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