Carnivore Dreams – Counters and Mainstream News

We sanded down the countertops and oiled them. Not sure they look all that much better in pictures than I posted before, but some of the black marks are gone. Can’t get Dad’s burn mark out though. And a few water logged places aren’t that much better by the sink. Oh well.


I’m just listening to these idiots on MSNBC claim that they need all these thousands of military because the “enemy” is among us. After 275 left wing RIOTS, ARMED, lots of people killed.

WE are part of the “Trump Cult.” We are terrorists. 75 MILLION voters for Trump are terrorists. All of us.

This is fascism folks.

And it’s going to get a LOT worse. Donald Trump never would have done such a thing. He knew who the enemy was: the mainstream media, big tech, and others who control media, Hollywood and the far socialist left dominating our universities. All those controlling the narrative.

THEY are the enemy of the people. Not the citizens of this country.

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