Carnivore Dreams – Fraud? Precedent? A little rack of lamb, anyone?, a little football?and my little fellow.

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Granted, things can be spun either way.

The left claimed for four years Trump colluded with Russia and the election was “illegitimate.” He was a traitor. Without a shred of evidence, even when they weaponized the justice department to get it. Never once was the word “coup” or “insurrection” used in regard to this never-ending barrage of smear tactics — even though there was plenty of violent rhetoric.

So you have to at least ask yourself if it’s just being spun the opposite way.

Unlike 2016, there is much more evidence that no, has not been looked at or run through any courts. Most courts refused to hear it on “standing” or they didn’t see enough evidence they said to overturn an election so didn’t look. Well, there was enough to overturn it in three states and enough to justify a good investigation in more than that.

Though likely that sets a precedent you don’t want, either.

Which is WHY you need to have election integrity.

And these abuses like refusing to let GOP watch counting should in itself disqualify the votes in that district or county. Votes should not count when they break the law. Which applies to courts or governors illegally changing voting laws set by the legislatures. Hello.

Instead, Democrats have gotten away with this crap for decades.

The courts wanted this dealt with by legislatures and elected officials who should have themselves ordered a ten day audit that was done properly. I’m not sure it belonged in the courts anyway.

Here is the point: the reason we want this investigation doesn’t even have a thing to do with this election or overturning it (even though we feel it was likely stolen); it has to do with future elections and not allowing these people to do what they have been doing.

All the abuses the Democrats use already to cheat are now being rolled into a new national law so they can cheat ad infinitum. No voter ID, no addresses, prisoners, illegals voting, ballot harvesting, expanded mail in votes which Jimmy Carter and everybody in the world knows is too ripe a situation for fraud — all presumably without investigating these machines we know are not secure — Canada and many other countries refuse to use.

I try to imagine myself being Donald Trump and knowing that in one county votes were flipped from him to Biden to the tune of 7,000 votes!–and NOT wanting all these machines investigated. Who would not?

And the real point here is that in order to have a free country, the populace must believe there are free and open elections and that is not the case now. How the left tries to say the GOP is trying to keep people from voting is ludicrous. Are we trying to keep them from driving? No, but they have to get a license and take a test. Are we trying to keep them from flying? No, but they show ID when they do that. Are we trying to stop people from getting into Canada? No but Canada requires a passport or enhanced driver’s license. Are we trying to keep people from drinking? No, but they need to show an ID to prove they are legal age. Voting is a right, but it’s also a privilege, bestowed upon law abiding citizens who follow rules.

We want every legal vote to count and every illegal vote not to count. Votes should not be “cured” at all probably, but those standards need to be applied equally if so.

But we will not stand for the practices that they propose because this is a banana republic if so. They will likely have a lot of trouble on their hands if they pass such a law. Or if they make it illegal to talk about this or try to investigate it. They should be trying to prove that this election was fair; not make it illegal to look. And this is NOT the first time there has been voter fraud where things needed investigation.

I see Mike Lindell claims he has “proof” China interfered in our election. I don’t know if he does or not. But I know these machines should never be used again if they can be manipulated at all or are online. I don’t even need to see the “proof.” But no doubt, the left will control the narrative as they do over everything and nobody will even look at his “evidence.” He’s optimistic to think so

What a shame.

The key is that the GOP needs to become activists and stop letting the left control narratives and spheres of influence–all while trying to not be so bitter it ruins our lives.

That’s if we can keep the country from collapsing…

Well, it’s Friday and I’m going to roast some racks of lamb tonight with some mashed potatoes and broccoli. Have a glass of wine. I’ll just have lamb and maybe a couple shrimp, chunk of cheese, glass of wine. Maybe a little heavy cream for dessert. Then tomorrow we are roasting ducks, three of them. Sunday my son-in-law’s chicken game day chili.

My daughter, son-in-law, and grandson come tomorrow for the Super bowl. Go Bucks. It should be a good game, anyway.

Happy weekend. My little grandson is going to sleep with me “in the big big bed, just us two” he says. So I’ll report in on Monday.

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