Carnivore Dreams – Crazies

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Is this a drone with a camera? I think so. One flew over a small outside gathering our town last summer taking pictures. During one of Comrade Whitmer’s lockdowns. Not sure who or why that happened, but it felt freaking weird.

But these people have gone nuts. MSNBC host (forget her name), Wallace, I think, suggests they should be considering drone strikes to kill AMERICAN terrorists, or implying we would do that if they were some other country (or race). Just saying this garbage, almost constantly, that Trump supporters should be lumped in with violent protesters (and “insurrectionist” is a ridiculous characterization — they were in no way prepared or armed for an insurrection, even the few that were real trouble), but 75 million of them are white supremacists, part of the “cult of Trump” and more.

But even if some of them who breached the capital ARE white supremacists or anarchist groups (and some were from BLM and Antifa), just IMPLYING such a thing, that Americans should be hunted down and killed with drones without due process is absolutely insane. Military fence around the capitol — something Trump didn’t do when Schumer’s gang banged on the court doors while he said Gorsuch and Kavanaugh would pay. They had unleashed the fury of hell or whatever garbage he said. Nor when Antifa tried to breach the capitol and Trump had to be taken to the bunker basement. Obama refused to do this to foreign Middle Eastern terrorists in our country giving THEM due process, but we should kill American citizens.

This kind of rhetoric is irresponsible and terrifying: Ministers of Truth (haven’t these people READ 1984?); “re-educating” people; “cult of Trump;” lists of people who worked for him or possibly even voted for him; purging people with the wrong ideas; critical race theory (which is unconstitutional–it is unconstitutional to discriminate against any people, even WHITE people) and these people will soon be sued in court over this. These news hosts and prominent Democrats (Pelosi calling that breach a race war–that is such BULLSHIT) — it’s about free elections. They are deliberately doing this.

The point is you are hearing mainstream media say this garbage almost daily and communists like John Brennan, threatening to come after even libertarians! Unity? They mean uniformity! Sheep in their party think it’s the same thing. It’s unreal. Donald Trump considered having Antifa labeled a terrorist group (not BLM, I think), but no, the left wouldn’t consider THAT — even though they are clearly anarchists and attacking DEMOCRAT headquarters now.

But no matter who they are, they are entitled to due process, not being taken out with drones.

This world is out of control and it’s not even the policies themselves that are the threat. It’s these fascist tactics. This control of information, this control of the narrative by people who are supposed to be real journalists–this censorship, omitting TRUE information about the Bidens, for instance; this demonization of a whole group of people–half the electorate or probably more if this election were investigated– who have different POLICY ideas — is unprecedented in this country.

Another thing that should terrify you: idiot Biden is “purging” the military, so that he has a partisan army and not one upholding the constitution. Trump was terrible at getting rid of the deep state and never even considered making the military all conservatives. Wonder why Biden wants to do that? Let’s see, control the military entirely, control information with the “ministry of truth,” change the constitution, add states, change election laws so they can cheat Infinitum.

But they are going to be surprised. We will not be silent and we will fight all of this with the law which is on our side. Americans are free people and they will not submit to this garbage. I suspect people are all lying low so they can get Trump out of this last fiasco, and soon, quite soon, you will see people PEACEFULLY taking to the streets to protest this garbage. And the numbers will be breathtaking. Election abuses, racist policies in universities and huge corporations. “Equity” of outcomes, instead of “equality” of opportunity can be challenged in courts and it will be.

I keep thinking I’ll relax and have a nice weekend, but these outrageous “news” broadcasts by the new order of Truth (soon to have the Truth Czar, you know–wow), keep blowing my mind. But my daughter and son-in-law and grandson are on the way and I will likely be absent until Tuesday, smoothing out with my family and enjoying football (I should boycott it and might once my father is not here).

Cooking great stuff. Rack of lamb was great last night and I need to have the ducks in about 2 or so.

Happy weekend, folks.

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