Carnivore Dreams LA Times

Are you freaking kidding me? LA Times opinion piece about how some “Trumpites” plowed their driveway. Implication is that they did it to win people over for power as other fascists have done in the past, and only when they demonize Trump and admit how horrible they are, can they be thanked for plowing the driveway or even allowed to exist in a “civilized” world. Translation: when they are “re-educated” and grovel and admit the error of their ways, then and only then can they be admitted into polite society.

Kiss my ass as Kurt Schlecter so ineloquently says on his Unredacted show. If ALL Trump supporters are responsible for Jan. 6, then ALL leftists are responsible for 275 riots all summer long that killed black police officers and burned down black businesses among others in cities all over this country.

We don’t care how deluded you are in supporting idiots like AOC (she does in this ridiculous article) or Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. We stand up for you your rights to say all this idiot crap. And to publish this hate-filled piece of garbage. We would stand up for your right to say even this idiot crap regardless of how dangerous it really is.

You’ll understand a free America when you stand up for OUR right to disagree with you and not demonize us for it. It’s shocking how stupid these people really are.

Since you are too stupid to understand that, I’d definitely put the snow BACK on your driveway. How dare these evil people do something kind.

(Have a nice Sunday, folks. Have a read:)

Column: What can you do about the Trumpites next door? (

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams LA Times

  1. Yeah, I heard part of this. One point they seem to get: this idiot claims these people are still as bad as Nazis and other monsters since Nazis could also be nice; but two, until we are “re-educated” and totally repent our evil ways, and denounce Donald Trump, we can shovel all we want. Until we CONFORM, we cannot be allowed in polite society. Everybody talking about it seems to get the first, but miss the second. But I like Greg, suspected she might have made this up–to try to help demonize all of us in case we were out there comitting good deeds–to not allow us to be human no matter how nice we seem. Jerk.

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