Carnivore Dreams – The New Left – Victor Davis Hanson’s article “Animal Farm” – Monday

Our Animal Farm – American Greatness (

Take a read, my liberal friends, especially those of you born at or before 1955 and see if you don’t see how this rings true. And let me lecture you: the ends do NOT justify the means just because you are in power and you believe it’s ok to do these things because they are issues you agree with.

If you think that, you have no regard for freedom — and never did.

The dissenters were often right back then and the dissenters now are right again-only this time, the establishment is much more dangerous.

I beseech you to read that whole article.

It’s Monday and my family is headed back to Green Bay–a very sad situation since I can no longer visit there. Even a month seems an eternity when who knows the situation then.

My little grandson slept with his Nana Lynn — “just us two.” And we watched the Polar Express repeatedly much of the night.

We cooked fabulous rack of lamb, to-die-for roast duck with heavenly crispy skin, and football day chili as we watched Tom Brady do his thing.

So just laundry and settling the house, running a vacuum cleaner, dishes, trips to the curbside grocery store, post office. We have heard from the refinancing folks — waiting on an appraisal, the reverse mortgage company, and all. Depending on the outcome, a new affordable refrigerator and two very affordable faux leather couches — for now, and then two new bedrooms in the basement to accommodate our visitors we have often–something my husband will do himself, also very affordable.


Happy Monday. So here are the pictures of the new bathroom paintjob — and all my ducks in a row:


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