Carnivore Dreams – Lies

These idiots are calling the capitol fiasco an “armed insurrection.” What bullshit. NOBODY had a gun and Brian Sicknick was NOT even hit with the fire extinguisher. Probably died of pepper spray reaction. The only “arms” must have been that spear the silly horned guy had while he calmgly walked into the capitol and chatted with the cop there. He’s still in jail while Kamala baby got all her terrorist Antifa people out all summer to do it again.

“Five people lost their lives.” Right. One had a stroke, unrelated. One had a heart attack, unrelated. One possibly got trampled in the crowd. One was shot and killed by capitol police.

She was unarmed. But nobody seems to care that it seems unlikely he had to shoot her.

Why were the cops letting and ushering some people inside the building?

The crazy liberals in power–aided by idiot university radical leftists, Hollywood, and the rest of the leftist media, used George Floyd’s death to overturn society, topple our culture, our history, our founding principles, and threaten capitalism. And after more than likely stealing this election, they are doing this outrageous hysteria again. You should read Time Magazine’s article that admits the Shadow campaign that went on where they were ready to flood the streets if Trump won–probably to do more of what they’d done all summer. Violent riots killing people and burning our cities.

All would have been fine then, wouldn’t it have been? Yes, it’s about controlling the narrative. And they have the power right now to do that.

They are horrible, hateful people.

And those that follow them just aren’t very smart.

And journalism is dead.


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