Carnivore Dreams – Liars and the Narrative

Constitution's wide latitude for a president causing major ...

If you try to search the free photos in WordPress, you will not FIND a picture of the scrolls of the constitution–that’s because they are run by liberals who plan to change it. They plan to stop playing the national anthem and they plan to rewrite the constitution like they do every time a communist regime takes over a country.

Right now the constitution protects free speech, even wrong opinions (and of course, we think the left’s opinions are dead wrong). They plan on changing that.

The Democrat evil people have cut the line in the ridiculous hearings where Trump tells them to fight, and protest “peacefully and patriotically.” Of course. And they’ve heavily edited all their idiot Hollywood film. And of course, their language is always fine:

Maxine Waters: “I will go and take him out tonight.” Are you KIDDING ME? And she is not responsible for all this rioting and ruining our cities?

Madonna: “I have thought about blowing up the White House.”

Deniro and Biden: “I’ll beat the crap out of him” (behind the gym or wherever).

Memes of him beheaded or actual plays where they make Julius Caesar look like Trump and kill him.

Tlaib: Impeach the motherfucker (right after he took office, and some were saying it before.)

Pelosi: “Be ready to take a punch and to give a punch.”

Obama: “They bring a knife, we bring a gun.”

Schumer: “I’m telling you Gorsuch, I’m telling you, Kavanaugh, you have unleashed the whirlwind” and we will come after you, some such thing. There was actually some violence after this and Cheif Justice Roberts reprimanded him.

Sanders: “The Republican health bill means people will die.” (Right before the Bernie guy shot up the Republican ball field and nearly killed Steve Scalise.)

It’s political speech and nobody held them responsible for the obvious consequences.

Harris got criminals out of jail all summer who burned down cities. 275 riots that killed and injured thousands of policemen. That was FINE and appropriate and they “shouldn’t stop” but Jan. 6th is an “armed insurrection.” STOP calling it an “insurrection.” If it was that, and even planned, the protest, it was certainly poorly planned; there were NO guns and the fire extinguisher crap was a lie, too. And the people who died did not die as a result of the protest EXCEPT the unarmed woman shot by capitol police for likely no good reason. And perhaps a woman who was trampled.

And many of them did NOT vote. SO who knows who they were or their motivation.

Oh, and if it’s “incitement” that Trump wouldn’t accept the election or called it illegitimate (with a shitload of evidence), what about Stacie Abrams still claiming her election was stolen. Hillary Clinton claimed that for four years, Jimmy CARTER claimed it, and Clinton told Biden not to “concede under any circumstances.”

And this is because we don’t want illegal votes counting, just legal ones. ID, addresses, signatures, NO machines online. Otherwise, you HAVE no real election. Voter suppression. What crap. Just get your ID and address and vote legally. If people are too stupid or lazy to do that, then they are probably not even informed and are being manipulated by the left.

What about Democrats protesting electors any time a Republican wins. (But Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are criminals.)

They h ave their own fucking rules. This doesn’t even count the laws they broke in the justice department to try to frame Trump.

They are crazy and out of control. Their violent rhetoric is fine when it’s THEM. And Trump didn’t come CLOSE, EVER to any of that above. Nor did he go after Clinton or Biden SUPPORTERS in any way. Just politicians, elitist swamp people, of both parties. And the lying press.

But leftists think 75 million people who disagree with them should be punished, “re-educated” and silenced.

Kiss my ass.

But don’t mistake the left’s control of the narrative with “truth.” The new “truth” czar can censor people all he/she/they (idiots) want, and try to rewrite history and overall truth, but I suspect it will not work.

If you are a liberal, and you think this is all right, you better study communist and socialist tactics of the past and see how well that worked out.

I am still on to company bills and trying to do taxes but the IRS/Turbotax people do not have the damn forms updated. Let’s put more government people in charge. Let’s just do that…

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Liars and the Narrative

  1. Pretty interesting how if ANYONE had anything to say about Obama that was even mildly negative back during his presidency people flipped out… And then Trump got into office and suddenly it was okay for people to literally threaten to kill people just for being on the opposite end of the political spectrum than them…! I don’t see how these people don’t realize they’re being insane!! I’ve even seen a lot of posts about kids turning in their parents for “wrongthink” when it comes to being involved in these conservative-minded protests. People would point out to them “You turning against your family for them having different opinions is very 1984 of you, don’t you realize that?” And they don’t even care! I think some of these people think that when whatever authoritarian dictatorship takes over, for some reason, THEY will be given favors and special attention for being on the “correct” side of history, when in reality they’re gonna be in the gulags with the rest of us… it’s ridiculous.

  2. You sure have that right! These people just do not understand that freedom means you have to allow others to disagree with you. They think that just because this time they agree with this garbage, it’s ok to sacrifice freedom. Such idiots. But we didn’t fight back hard enough at the brainwashing going on at universities, Hollywood, MSM. We shouldn’t have tried to silence them but we should have removed our children from it all. And had our own schools, entertainment and more–not left it all to these liberals.

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