Carnivore Dreams – Windham, NH?

Part of their aim here in this ridiculous trial is to make it so anyone questioning this election is committing “sedition” and “insurrection.” Even though they did it for four freaking years. I don’t know who these people think they are, but I’ll bet we find out this election stunk to high heaven.

It appears– though I will be following up on this– that in Windham, NH, that a hand recount showed that all the Republicans were shorted about 300 votes. They won anyway, but it was Dominion that did it. Unexplained? We will find out about all this eventually and no amount of lying narrative is going to stop it eventually.

Nobody wants the election “overturned.” They want it counted fairly. That is not “sedition.” And eventually, it will be. No matter how much they try to do what they are doing.

I’m sure they know there is a very good chance this election could be overturned and/or that it was even much closer than it was. And at the very least, election fraud was rampant and people will insist on election reform.

I’ll follow up on this. I don’t expect to see it in any mainstream media, but I hope Dominion DOES sue all these people because there will be discovery if they do.

Main stream media, and even Fox will suppress this as long as they can — like they did Hunter Biden (why bother, it appears the idiot left doesn’t care about corruption or compromising our country as long as it is their people doing it.)

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