Carnivore Dreams – Week

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It’s snowing steadily, no wind. I’m watching it come down, silver blips against a black background — more like a waterfall — in a cone shape illuminated by my neighbor’s flood light. I like it when she keeps it on because then I can watch a peaceful and frozen world outside my window, the woodstove a warm blanket between me and it.

I’m writing this late Friday night and will schedule it for tomorrow morning because I’m going to take a break from blogging this weekend.

Well, it’s been a couple months trying to get our refinance through (my dad has a reverse mortgage on our family home and we are trying to buy it), which has been hours of minutia and annoying paper gathering, and that has culminated in this week’s filing of taxes. Not that I’ll mail our perosnal ones just yet.

What is amazing is that I did them all myself — even the business taxes. I actually thought it was kind of fun except the hour long talk on the phone with Turbo tax to figure out the QBI/199A forms to get them right. Well, and the fact we have to pay $15K due to capital gains of a sold rental house. That, too. Wasn’t fun. But Donald Trump’s Qualified Business Income deduction was a help–and no, we are not RICH. Instead of investing in the stock market, and we had no 401Ks, we invested in real estate and we are solidly middle class, not even upper middle class. And there is an upper limit of like $356K or something for a company–not much for a small business — where you can’t use the deduction, so it’s not for rich people. And there are other restrictions as far as what businesses qualify. Biden will eliminated it, I’m sure. But I was up until 5 a.m. working on them, a nap, then worked the rest of the day.

But it’s done and the refinance is done on my end — just waiting for the reverse mortgage company to accept the number of their own appraisal which they say could take “a week or two.”

But it was a whole week of tax issues since we did my son’s and my dad’s as well. Always nice to have that behind you.

So I’ve not watched too much of this idiot impeachment bologne where they accuse Donald Trump of insurrection because he dared to stand up to the left’s fraudulent election behavior and used political speech that is rhetoric-light compared to the violence spewed by the left for decades and even over the last four years. I noticed they once AGAIN ran that ridiculous lie about what he said at Charlottesville–how they have the freaking nerve to do it is a mystery –, as well as leaving out that he wanted the protesters to do so peacefully and patriotically. Outrageous but not surprising. There are two goals here: to try to get it so Donald Trump can not run again–because they are too afraid of their own ability to please the electorate, God; and because they are using to enforce their next fascist progrom–coming after Trump supporters as insurrectionists if they claim this election stunk or want it investigated.

This may be their biggest goal, actually — to try to control that narrative.

Good try. They’ll have to arrest a lot of people, I think. But that is also the purpose.of this disaster–to try to get the Rino’s on board with censoring him and saying Trump’s questioning of the election was debunked and fraudulent. Dream on.

So tomorrow (today for you) will be exercise and a good soak and a leg of lamb slow roasted with garlic, ginger root, coriander, fennel, fresh rosemary, hot pepper flakes, honey and a bit of olive oil–while the leg sits on a bed of leeks (should be fennel bulb and onion and carrot, but fennel is impossible to get in our little town most of the time) with a bit of white wine, all wrapped tightly and roasted slowly for 6 hours or so at 225 degrees. Those guys will have rice and some kind of veggie. And Sunday they will have Montecristo sandwiches while I have a hamburger.

My throat is sore and I always worry I have covid–so many health people in and out, one who had it. So will use my nebulizer with a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide. And kick back with a heating pad. Find a movie to watch on my computer.

Happy Saturday, folks.

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Week

  1. Try not to worry too much about Covid. The VAST majority get better without any intervention at all. And it’s cold and flu season: we still have those.

    Sending you good wishes about the house. ❤️

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Susan. Sore throat a bit again, so kicking back with my nebulizer. I don’t worry TOO m uch anymore. I have a tiny bit of ivermectin to rub on my hands, too. Planning to talk to my doctor about it, in case. See if she’s open to it. How are things out that way??

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