Carnivore Dreams – Color and weekend ponderings


Someday this vanity will be a soaking tub and this bathroom will be a master bathroom, the back tub gone and will be a powder room. This bathroom has three doors right now (really four if you count the pocket door around the back tub.) Functions as a jack and jill, but even opens up into the living area. Will close up the doors to make a master suite and then the half bath will open to the rest of the living space. New tile. New shower door. The regular tub in the back will be a powder room for the rest of the house. But the change right now is incredible. I’ve never been so happy with color before in a space.

It’s amazing what the right color can do for you.

The charcoal, the perfect gray, the perfect white. Not too much pink or gray or yellow in the white. And not stark white. And the gray is not too cool, just the right amount of taupe/green in it, though it reads light gray. I leave the light on in there just so I can see it from my bed.

Every time I go in, it’s like an oasis.

My mother had some nice primitive antiques but too much country style, too m uch clutter. I’ll pare a lot of it back. Add contemporary lighting in bathrooms and living room, Inuit art maybe. She had some great Indian rugs. Will bring them up and take her braided rugs to the guest rooms in the basement. My daughter is a great photographer. A picture of my Inukshuk from camp would be great over my bed. A shot up at it, so it looks large. Black and white I think, not sepia, since I have gray accents in this room. Framed I think though maybe on canvass or no glass.

So the rabid Democrats will not stop. Next they will try to do the 14th amendment. Censure him and try to keep him from serving again — for stuff they have been doing and saying for decades. They are freaking driving us crazy. Unity my ass. Love how Biden says they are going to restrict travel to and from Florida because DeSantis is doing so well (all because of the virus) but he’s going to open the border. Fucking lunatic.

Wrote Mitch McConnell. What a fool. The Democrats attacking Trump full time. Violent rhetoric, calling Trump illegitimate, weaponizing the justuce dept. — none of that insurrection? and causing this climate? Nope. Democrats were prepared to do all of this in reverse if they had “lost” — and the narrative would have been entirely different. Of course, they would have ALL done it. They don’t have a Mitch McConnell and the rest of the wimp Republicans who sold out America. Time Magazine wrote about what they had in mind. This happened primarily because of the Democrats’ behavior of four years and the wimpy Republicans who did not force an investigation and who will likely not stop them from passing HR-1 — which is out there — also adding to the panic people feel. Donald Trump had much less to do with it than all of the above and it’s too bad his attorneys and other Republicans are so fool they do not SAY it.

Ha. Someone on the Glenn Greenwald site just asked me how we could be off the grid and be online. Of course, I’m not up there right now, but that’s a great idea. Gonna get rid of Hughesnet and Directv as soon as I get there. I’m not teaching online anymore and would likely not be there as much if we buy this family home. It was our primary residence for over ten years, but soon won’t be if we want this to stay in the family. So we will be up there for long weekends now May-Dec. and we don’t need any of that. Play games, listen to radio, fish, hunt, explore on ATV’s, watch DVD’s (got all seasons of Northern Exposure on DVD), play poker, cook, hike….yep I’ve had it with those companies anyway. Horrible now that ATT bought Directv. And will save $2200/year. I’ve got places for that, trust me. Of course, we have solar power and a backup generator. And if we didn’t have a garden, we could spend the whole summer there if we chose. And might.

Someday, we’ll head south/southwest a couple months in winter in the travel trailer.

I’m trying to talk my brother into staying here for ten days this summer so I can get a break.

I’ve lost 8-9 pounds of the 14 I gained. More like 9. And I feel better. The last five will come off harder, but the days are getting longer and I’ll get out walking and gardening soon.

It’s almost time to start seeds in the basement. I think in March I’ll start the peppers and tomatoes in the aerogarden and wait until the end of April to start the rest. I think I started them a bit too soon. I also will not start beans or lettuce inside. Or zucchini. Just flowers, tomatoes, herbs, etc. Get a good start on those. I can’t put things int he garden until Memorial Day here. I’ll buy potato seedlings again and some flowers. I got the knack for growing petunias now.

Happy Monday, folks.

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