Carnivore Dreams – Party of Hate – Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh died yesterday.

And it’s heartbreaking for at least the 43 million people who listened to him daily. And likely about half the electorate in America. He started out poking fun at Democrats–he was first and foremost an entertainer. They never understood that he was kidding, though it’s true, that his talent was “on loan from God” — now as Mark Stein says, “talent returned to God.” But he was kidding. Very funny and certainly not egotistical. All talent we have is either on loan from God, or inherited from man–the latter possibly indicates more hubris than he was. Half his brain tied behind his back. He was being funny most of the time.

And he WAS funny. And he pointed out how ludicrous they were all the time.

He wasn’t a perfect human being. I didn’t like a couple things he said over the years. And he apologized for a couple of them. Some of it is changing norms, some of which are good, some are bad. And a couple were mistakes he made. But the rules were different and plenty of Democrats broke them back then including Joe Biden. Who has said as many stupid things as Rush Limbaugh — more. I could list the racist things Joe Biden has said and they make Rush look innocent.

But we don’t crucify Biden because he’s a Democrat. Or believe his accusers. Believe all women? Of course not. Just believe them all when they are conservatives.

Neither of them are racists.

When Ruth Bader Ginsberg died, even though we disagreed with her policies vehemently AND the fact she was legislating (murder) from the bench, we still had respect for her as woman judge and wouldn’t have thought of saying the crap these people are saying about Rush when folks were grieving. Donald Trump even praised her and you could tell it was heartfelt–you couldn’t deny how tough she was and what she accomplished as a woman.

THEY are the party of hate and always have been.

Rush Limbaugh was a good human being and will be missed by many good people. He just didn’t believe in the woke crap these people are trying to push, critical race theory, which is nothing more than discrimination. And is unconstititional. He believes America can improve, but he does not believe we are founded on slavery and hate or that we are systemically racist. He saw the strides we’ve made. (Why do all the minorities want to come here, duh?) He believed like Trump in America first, in our founding fathers, in our constitution, in a strong border, in legal immigration, in right to life, in capitalism, in low taxes, less government control. Etc.

Most people who think this about Rush just believe the left spin about him or base it on one or two mistakes he made, instead of listening to him and seeing how good he was.

Yes, I suppose they are right that Rush Limbaugh helped to bring about Donald Trump’s platform. And there is nothing wrong with it. There never was. They demonized them both unjustly because they were both standing up to this leftist, socialist agenda. Just because they don’t agree with it, doesn’t make them monsters. If anything, they are the monsters wanting abortion up to the moment of birth. I never heard of anything so heinous and many people are one issue voters and that one issue is enough.

Right by itself.

But to say all this terrible stuff, even news hosts, when someone has just died, is really awful.

They are the party of hate and it’s never more obvious than now.

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Party of Hate – Rush Limbaugh

  1. I didn’t listen to him that frequently, but I remember that when someone called in who was opposed to something he said, especially if that person was a Democrat, he’d move them to the front of the line and put them on. He wasn’t scared of them, and he didn’t want them to be scared of him. He was just a regular guy. His appeal was not that people agreed with him, but that he agreed with them: he put into words things that people wanted to say but couldn’t or didn’t know how. He wasn’t the bogeyman that the Left made him out to be, and no one knew that better than they did.

  2. Yeah, just like Trump they took one thing out of context about him and spun it. , Exaggerated it or tried to say it represented everything about him. You can do that easily to Joe Biden or really anyone. He made too much sense and gave conservatives a voice. That made him dangerous to them who had controlled the narrative for decades, for sure. “The most dangerous man in America.” He DID make a few mistakes, but overall, he was a good person.

  3. Yes, and besides that, he was brilliant and a keen observer of things. We will miss him. I woke up this morning and remembered he was dead and I felt so sad.

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