Carnivore Dreams – Trans-humanism? – WTF

Holy Shit. This is no conspiracy theory.

You talk about Brave New World.  THIS is the crap these people voted for.  This is what the globalists are doing.  And these big tech people. This will happen to people who are under 50 years old they figure.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?
Look what science already did with this virus and this is NO JOKE.  These people need to be STOPPED.
They are doing this crap in China, working on it now. Experiments.  This is NO conspiracy theory.  This is a NIGHTMARE.  Read how great they make this sound before you listen to Andrew Torba (a religious guy who founded GAB and Steve Bannon).  Before you decide Bannon is a nut. I discounted this a little.  This Forbes article actually makes this sound like a great thing.  Give me a break. Research it all yourself.
Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity: 7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030 (

Read this and then weigh it out with Steve Bannon’s podcast.  They took him off Youtube because these people are in on this.  You better at least consider all this.
Gab CEO Andrew Torba on transhumanism (

Gab CEO Andrew Torba on transhumanism – rumble.comAndrew Torba explains what transhumanism is, and what the transhumanist nihilists in Big Tech are after. “These people believe they are supreme to us plebes.”

5 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Trans-humanism? – WTF

  1. Things are coming to a head, quick. I’m terrified for my son’s future.

    It’s strange: so much infertility in young people. My strapping, young nephew (my half-sister’s son) recently married, and both he and his wife have fertility issues. My son is gay (there’s more of THAT, too). I can’t believe this is all coincidental.

    I know you’re not religious, but it’s hard not to think we’re in the End Times. The word “apocalypse” means “uncovering”; I think that’s where we are. (I’m always such a breath of fresh air, aren’t I?)

    We need to draw close to each other, and turn towards God. 🌷

  2. Well, no, I am “spiritual.” And as time goes on here, I’m more and more believing as you are. I feel just as you and we need to turn to each other and God. I was just telling my husband that. I tended to not be drawn to one religion, but that has nothing to do with God! This just makes me even more sure that is the way.

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