Carnivore Dreams – The Purge

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on

Unlike what they’ve reported, there is no evidence that any protestor on Jan. 6th killed anyone. NO ONE. The capitol police killed an unarmed woman climbing through a window — from all indications — unnecessarily. And no evidence they were armed with any firearms whatsoever. The poorest “planned insurrection” of all time. And of course, no evidence they represented conservatives or Trump voters in this country….anymore than BLM or Antifa terrorists represent all liberals…

So just imagine:

Just imagine if after the BLM protestors breached the capitol simple barricade fence around the White House and Donald Trump and his family had to be put in the bunker, just imagine that Donald Trump had built a permanent wall, just imagine if he had ensconced permanent military presence, and just imagine he purged the national guard (as well as proposing to purge the military in general) of any liberals or Clinton/Biden/Obama supporters.

Rather than pledge allegiance to the constitution, they would have to swear allegiance to Donald Trump.

Just imagine what what have happened….

What evidence do they have that our own military has ever been anything but loyal to this country and our constitution? What country is this?

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