Carnivore Dreams -Einstein, Freedom and Me – MIA

A little Einstein this morning. Unfortunately, imagination can take you some bad places, too. But without it, nothing truly wonderful is possible at all. Imagination interspersed with a little logic works out pretty well, though.

I’d add that the third ingredient might be freedom–no longer an ingredient we can take for granted.

I’ve been off WordPress a few days. One of my followers was worried (thanks Susan). It’s nice to be missed. And to hear about folks who deal with things I do — and more. It’s always nice to get some perspective.

A trying few days. My dad was in and out of the hospital to re-insert a drainage tube in his gall bladder and to check out massive bleeding in his urinary tract. He’s home on antibiotics tubes reinserted, but transporting him and dealing with health issues is no small task. On top of that, my stomach has been hamburger again, it seems at least partly due to some sinus drainage — seems early for my allergies but benadryl twice- 3 x/day seems to be calming that down some. I seem to get systemic reactions. It IS 45 degrees here suddenly and things are melting, but nothing popping out yet.

I’m also worried about some friends. My writing friend and mentor of 25 years just lost his wife to leukemia–he adored her. Since I’m not on social media anymore, I didn’t hear about it for almost a month and haven’t been able to make contact with him to date. That hasn’t made me inclined to get back on it–he was never stupid enough to get on it at all and I should have known how wise he was then. But I would have seen the other writers talking about it.

I will call him soon if no word.

WordPress is a different animal, at least. We tend to have something in common with those we follow and who follow us–sometimes if only the free expression of ideas.

That can be enough, though.

I was listening to a political pundit say that people care less about being free than they do about being taken care of. I never believed that. And I felt my chest/throat tighten when he said it. But I did know they took freedom for granted and were much too willing to barter it for the promise of free shit they will likely never receive. All to achieve power for the politicians. The things that terrified our founding fathers — they were afraid of the mob– an uninformed, easily manipulated simple democracy was a danger they tried to guard against. The mob is trying right now to tear us down and they seem to be successful so far. Some expatriates from China and some from Venezuela warn they’ve heard all this before, they are working hard to warn people, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears.

So freedom. What is it? I suppose socialists claim no one can be free if they are economically “oppressed.” Yet they seem oblivious to the prices people have to pay to achieve this “equity.” They must first of all censor opposing views, demonize people, punish them. They seem to think that because this time it’s “white people,” who are all “white supremacists” unless they are leftists of course, these people are truly evil and this is not the same as demonizing Jews or blacks or any other minority. It’s fine to demonize white people. People objecting to unfair elections are not objecting to that, they care more about their “whiteness.”

Donald Trump was easy to demonize and therefore us along with him.

That’s what they say.

So these people being promised things from reparations to private property to guaranteed income, health insurance, free education — are blind to the ridiculous police state and the state control being implemented supposedly to achieve this — which of course, will never happen anyway. The whole country will simply crumble except for those in power, though that likely will be permanent power for at least a good time to come. And they have managed to create division within every sector of society and to politicize absolutely everything from sports to going to the bathroom, so we can no longer connect as we used to, the things of humanity that we once had in common. Things that kept us together.

Of course, this is right out of a playbook and those same people who want the stuff or believe their hearts are so pure that these wrongs must be redressed, are sadly deluded if they think demonizing people will do it. And of course, there are next to NO “white supremacists” in this country, but there are a lot of people who oppose partial birth late term abortion, open borders, single payer health systems (government can’t run anything, but we want to give them sole power over our health and bodies), first and second amendment protections. And more.

And who want freedom from lockdowns and to express themselves.

If they can’t control your thought, you don’t exist. Illustrated by the article in Atlantic I think? or New York Times, where this writer claimed that even though her neighbor, Trump supporters, shoveled her driveway, Nazis did kind things too, and until they “shovel out” the wrong ideas that motivate these neighbors, she would not be grateful or admit these people into polite society.


Here is the key: keep talking. Do not let them make it illegal to say we question election results. They did it every day for four years with no evidence and they did much more than that. Do not let them force you into agreeing America is racist or evil country or was founded on that. Do not let them control speech, attack religion (I am not into organized religion, but people must be free to believe what they want to–as long as the laws of our country do not discriminate against anyone, gay people or otherwise). As long as there is no state sponsored religion. The constitution was written knowing slavery would be dissolved shortly; purposely. They did what they had to do to get the country off the ground at the time, but our forefathers anticipated and provided for this to be a free country. Which should be clear to everyone. And the Republican party was the party who freed people.

Long story short for why I must include a little politics in most of my posts. If we don’t take back our freedom from lockdowns and our freedom of expression soon, they might all be lost forever. We have as much, MORE, right to question that election than Democrats had to de-legitimize Donald Trump and call him a traitor. This is a free country and in order that it remain so, we must exercise our rights. Yet he (and we) never stopped them from saying it. (Though breaking the law surveilling people and doctoring information for FISA warrants should be punished to the full extent of the law.)

Another worrisome thing — this ridiculous police state, facial recognition — people being persecuted who never entered the building — either by getting them fired or even prosecuted — they are trying to intimidate people from their right of protest in the future. We may need to exercise that right, so people must be much more careful to be peaceful, but numerous. But not intimidated. It’s risky since you can’t control others at a protest of course, but there are guidelines for protestors to not be caught in situations like that. When to leave and where to position oneself within a protest. We will need to learn them.

Already people have paid prices for telling the truth. Glenn Greenwald had to resign from the very publication he founded (on the free expression of ideas) when they wouldn’t allow him to tell his truth. But he found another venue from which to tell it. Substack. Same with Matt Taibbi (who I disagree with a little more but who is still doing great work). Dershowitz and Turley speak often on Fox though they’ve not been invited much, so they speak on Newsmax and OAN I think it is. And there are other freedom fighters. Tucker Carlson, still on Fox News.

There are also employment risks. It was easy for my university to replace my spot in the adjunct queue when my son had testicular cancer because I was at the hospital and couldn’t do my “required” self evaluation on time. I had advocated for our president’s (of the university) position that we shouldn’t take political positions — after Trump was elected. That of course was not acceptable. I didn’t want to stay there so I didn’t fight that one, but my publisher ex-communicated me once they found out I was a libertarian — no voice for me any longer. A public university. Something else I didn’t really fight — too many ways they could have justified not publishing me (of course, they unfriended me and wouldn’t even respond to communication after they had published me and were “looking forward” to my project). I know this was the reason. University presses only publish left writers now — the farther left the better, mind you. And mostly minority voices. Now apparently, even commercial publishers are punishing conservatives. Actually, that’s what they mostly always did at university presses, so conservatives needed to hide or be very subtle with politics in their work. I am mostly retired now, older, less at risk with a career (since they already ruined my writing career), so speaking out leaves me at less risk than if I were younger or still teaching. So these are difficult times for anyone who wants to stand up against tyranny.

But it must be done.

Leftists have been “left” in charge of education, the arts, and the media — all forms of influence in this country. And that has been a huge error, one we are trying to redress now: home school for grade schools; private university or trades or a university who advertises free exchange of ideas; more conservative news outlets; conservative movie and music producers. Activism and boycotts. It’s late, but better that than never. Of course, I wouldn’t omit opposing views in any of these endeavors, though the reality will likely be society moving more into their own echo chambers. Sad.

But the cure for racism can’t be racism. That should seem obvious to people, yet it isn’t. Policies like this can only cause division of course. What is hard to understand is how people cannot see that is what they are designed to do!

But I’ll try to write every day about some uplifting things — maybe I’ll get back into writing and write about that. Diet information, gardening, cooking, fishing. Interior design. And more. Devote just a small paragraph or two to politics.

Happy Saturday, folks. A rest day for me at last.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams -Einstein, Freedom and Me – MIA

  1. “Racism can’t cure racism.” I love that.

    As far as I’m concerned, you should write about whatever you feel prompted to write about, “downer” or not.

    I just can’t help but notice that Biden wasn’t in office more than 20 minutes before he started bombing the Middle East. Don’t we have enough to worry about here?

    I worry for my 23 year old son’s future. Luckily, he’s ambitious, industrious, and a good networker: it’s a good time to be gay, too (they have no problems with ‘in-group preference’…yet). He’s been at his job since he was 16, became a certified gemologist by 18, and now manages the store where he works, but he doesn’t want to eventually buy the business (though the owners want him to!).

    To be honest, though, he’s in a far superior position than, say, my nephew, who graduated from USC with a business degree and zero experience: at least mine isn’t saddled with a bunch of debt.

    I’m terribly concerned about our plummeting fertility rates…SOMETHING (or somethingS) is causing both our young men and women to be nearly sterile. And it’s not just white people, but black and brown folks, too. Not sure about China, but Japan isn’t procreating enough to replace themselves, either.

    I’m glad to see you back. My inbox is deadly boring without you!

  2. Thanks for saying that, Susan! Really nice right now to hear that. Yes, something seems off with young people’s hormones. Maybe in plastic water bottles or something, affecting testosterone levels and causing cancer. Or maybe something even more nefarious. When you have an imagination like mine, it’s easy to imagine something like this virus being manufactured purposely, to weed out old white people (and they ARE working on viruses geared to hurt certain races — there seems to be evidence for that). But this one seems to mutate and get rid of a problematic population, all good for the environment. Reminds me of a Dan Brown book. I think it was Origin, nope Inferno, where this plague is released on humanity and makes 1/3 of them sterile. Messes with their DNA (and this vaccine messes with RNA, something never done before I think?) This virus just kills people who are drains on society, who tend to lean conservative, older people, and not young people who are maleable and idealistic. And the rest get their RNA/DNA messed with so, as in transhumanism, and a dystopian future, people can be made into social justice warriors, more “empathetic.” And of course, they will have our DNA footprint, which they likely already do. Facial recognition. The Circle. Now, see y ou’ve got me going. Will copy this and post some of it tomorrow…you hang in there.

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