Carnivore Dreams – Day 8 – Cheesecake

Recipe calls for 4-6 ounces cream cheese, three tablespoons sour cream, 4.5 tablespoons heavy whipping cream, one teaspoon vanilla, 1 1/2 tablespoons monkfruit sugar. Beat it all together, chill for an hour or two. No baking. You know what's even better? Goat cheese instead of cream cheese. MMM. Today will be pulled pork for dinner, … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Day 8 – Cheesecake

Carnivore Dreams – Day One

Cheese boards/charcuterie Little of everything. Smoky blue cheese, brie, Irish cheddar, sheep cheese, hard salami, sumer sausage, proscuitto, chocolate, strawberries, grapes, pepperoncini. Our appetizer/dinner sometimes inspired me to think outside the box. Our fabulous repast when our good friends visited this past weekend. A nice drive around the chain-0-lakes. A sip or two of that … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Day One