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It’s sunny today. But windy. That’s the good news. And going, they say, to 51 by Monday. We will try to get a ramp built on the front of the house so Dad can go in and out with a walker or wheel chair easier. We gather the wood today.

I ordered seeds yesterday. Some I will not start inside like green beans and lettuce. And a pumpkin, some cucumbers. I’ll start some herbs, though, and tomatoes inside. And yesterday I started tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce and chives in my aerogarden. Maybe a bit too much since tomatoes and peppers take a lot of water space.

I’m trying to determine if Dad needs to go back to the hospital to deal with his gall bladder tube that won’t flush. Yesterday he was in pain; today he says he wants to put off going. Last night he was “fuzzy” after walking into the bedroom. Seemed his blood pressure dropped. It’s usually one issue after another.

My lil grandson, John Michael, just had eye surgery today. He’s 5. His mama had the same issues, she was born with one eye shut, no lifting power at all. JM’s eye is not so bad, about half shut, but needed correction. This runs in my husband’s family — very dominant characteristic, apparently. JM did not like the IV, but he’s home and recuperating, having snacks and watching his shows. He comes to visit in ten days.

And I’m dealing with my usual stomach problems, gastritis kicked up again which can make me miserable for months. And is doing just that. My entire digestive tract is hamburger again. Yesterday I did a little strength yoga and today I’m supposed to do full body workout of 20 minutes, but so far I have not done it.

Instead, I’ve written my writer friend/mentor a letter I’ll sit on a couple months since his wife has just died. And yet, I must send it eventually.

This isn’t “politics as usual” coming between people It’s more basic than that.. I expect my friends to stand up for my right to talk. For my words to be heard, no matter how wrong they believe they are. For the First Amendment. For my right not to be demonized, “re-educated” or called a cult member; but most of all, I expect them to stand up for my right to disagree with them and for my right to not be censored. Quite a few liberals are taking stands. Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Jonathan Turley, Alan Dershowitz. Even Bill Maher is criticizing cancel culture if not censorship outright.

My friends have known me in some cases for 35 years, 45 years, many of them at least 25 years or more. If they can allow me and others like me to be demonized, called white supremacists, racists, and more because we are against socialism, it’s not a big leap to see why they don’t stand up for my right to be heard. I am no longer on Facebook, but if I were, I wouldn’t be allowed to say this election was not fair and we don’t really have any idea who won it. My “friends” would likely turn me in and I’d be banned until I removed the post.

My “friends” are apparently ok with Democrats proposing bills to put pressure on providers who give Fox, Newsmax or OAN a platform to broadcast. Leftists are even going after their own: They are going after Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald on Substack because they have had the guts to tell the truth and call them out about what is happening here. This idiot woman is claiming they are only being heard because they benefited from the “correct” journalistic background in the first place. What idiocy. Greenwald puts it squarely on Democrats and the left media; Matt likes to pick out individual journalists or networks that have been particularly egregious, but holds back from holding the Democrat party responsible as they should be.

This cancel culture, this attempt to destabilize society (create a race color war that did not exist) is of course, a page right out of the communist/socialist playbook. And of course, they need to control the media. You can see why the Democrat party is doing it.

It’s another thing to understand why people who have been my intimate friends all this time are ok with taking away my voice — when they know it’s who I am. It’s my identity.

I would never ever expect people to claim allegiance to some political party they didn’t believe in (which is what they want now — Heil Hitler — your silence belies your true alliances–liberals on my daughter’s facebook page let everyone know silence was not enough — they know who you are — as they “turn in” their friends for questioning elections or vaccines. Resulting in their being banned or put on lists. Remember the old Soviet joke about Hell. It used to be in America it was the devil pulling you into the cauldron; in Russia, it was your friends and neighbors.

Welcome to hell.

And yet, I DO object to their silence in defense of my freedom! I do not expect them to believe like I do, but if they believe I should be silenced, we seriously have nothing in common. And it’s a betrayal of the first order. One I’d never perpetrate on them. And the more people who condone this, the more fascist this country will become.

But they are not doing this to some faceless political party — they are doing this to their friends and neighbors and sometimes their relatives.

My pictures are gone from Facebook. I’ve erased myself willingly. But it wouldn’t have been long before my friends would have “erased” me or stood by silently and watched it happen.

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. It was the Republican party who fought to end slavery and no conservatives I know are racists — all people have prejudices — but white people are not inherently evil. White people freed black people. John Adams and others of our founding fathers fought against slavery and made preparations to end it. America’s progress on human rights rivals any country on the planet. We were improving all the time.

Now we truly have a race war and they think they can use racism to end racism. What absolute folly. Sheep. Incredible they can be this stupid. One of the pundits on tv said it’s because people really do not want to be free; they want to be taken care of. I didn’t want to believe that, but it appears to be true. So they can be manipulated by promises of crap–all they have to do is give up their freedom.

Small price to pay, eh?

And my “friends” are willing to watch them erase me.

“All that is required for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

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