Carnivore Dreams – HR-1

Wow, just a little excerpt from Epoch Times that I recommend you subscribe to. This bill was just introduced into the House today. Even this much is breath-taking:

“The massive proposal of nearly 800 pages would make federal laws out of many of the most controversial 2020 presidential election voter registration and voting procedures—measures that were originally implemented by state officials in response to the CCP Virus pandemic and national lockdown. The virus is also known as the novel coronavirus.

The House debated the bill most of the morning, then began consideration of 56 amendments allowed to be brought to the floor for votes. Only seven of the amendments were authored by Republicans. A vote on final passage is expected Wednesday.

Among the most hotly contested provisions of H.R.1 are those providing universal national mail-in balloting, registration of 16- and 17-year-olds, permanent early voting, minimal verification for online registration, legalization of ballot harvesting, federal matching funds to candidates for private contributions, and voting rights for felons upon completion of their sentences.

But the proposal also contains major changes in a multitude of arenas of American governance, including such constitutional issues as bureaucratic regulation of who can say what and when about a candidate for federal office. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) would be converted to a partisan-majority-rules entity rather than the present structure that requires bipartisan support for regulations.

The proposal also allows federal candidates to draw salaries from campaign funds contributed by individuals and special interests concerned about proposals before Congress, a form of compensation that has never previously been legal.

The proposal also transfers from the states the authority to determine their congressional districts to new independent commissions to be made up of academics, public officials and private citizens.”

Epoch Times. I suggest you all look into this bill. It’s blatantly obvious this is a fascist take over of America by a party who knows this will give them permanent power since elections can never again be held fairly.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – HR-1

  1. Yes, I’m not sure if the states can challenge that constitutionally in the courts. I understand they will try to, but since some of the swing states are run by Democrats, it’s still a problem. Michigan has conservative legislature right now but if we don’t vote in a Republican governor in two years she will veto any election reform they propose. Same in Wisconsin. I see Texas has opened their state totally like FL and stopped the mask mandate–this is the beginning of the states saying no. And they are passing their own laws against Big Tech. It’s going to get wild….

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