Carnivore Dreams — Freedom’s good signs–funny math?

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There have been some really comforting signs here in the states, folks, that freedom loving Americans have no intention of rolling over to the fascists.

It’s true we only have a short window to save America. But Texas, Florida, and Mississippi already have taken stands against Biden’s totalitarian takeover. Signalling the way forward. Florida is passing legislation to hold Big Tech accountable and has never closed their state in lockdowns. Texas and Mississippi just freed their states, the first to indicate they have no intention of following these dictators. Primarily, this means children are back in school and businesses can open. No mask mandate. Idiot fascist Democrats believe people need THEM to tell people what to do. People know when and how to take care of themselves and the science doesn’t show any improvement in states with the huge lockdowns or mask mandates–if anything their numbers are much worse. While it shows our children are paying a deadly price for this power grab. This likely indicates this virus will run its own course. Our hospitals are now prepared and the vaccines are under way and the longer we allow Democrats to curtail freedom, the harder it will be to wrest it away from them.

But more than this, it’s a signal on how freedom lovers plan to resist this tyranny. As soon as these idiots pass HR-1 — and you better take alook at that. Sixteen year olds voting (very idealistic impressionable age, Democrats know), illegals can vote, no signatures, no ID, expanded mail-in voting, Dominion machines, register online. Right. You’d have to be a fool to see they are legalizing cheating. Can you say banana republic? But we know now what will happen. States will band together and challenge this in court — the federal government does not have the right to take away states’ rights–that is part of the fundamental organizing of the constitution. And the push back is going to be loud.

If we are silent, we lose.

We have learned a few things from these horrible people. We will be organizing at local levels. Boycotting globalist left wing big business, pulling our children from universities that brainwash them, home schooling. I thought maybe it was just me with these ideas, but it’s clear there is organization toward these ends now that has been lacking for decades–we took freedom for granted–and bet too much on the intelligence of the masses. (Mind you, I still think they will get it–but they are easily manipulated in the short term–taking freedom for granted in return for promises that will never be kept — look at stimulus checks right off the bat and where all that money is really going).

I wonder if Dennis Lehane (he wrote Shutter Island and Mystic River) still believes the real evil is elitism — and it IS. Elitists are assholes–and they are in both parties.

Problem is if these fascists pack the court, add states, and/or get away with HR-1 laws before we can take back the House and Senate in 2022, it may be too little too late. Though it is true that once people see this –freedom loving Americans who still have some faith in a higher power and belief in the rights of the individual and what our country was founded on — still outnumber these idiots — AND the hispanics are coming from socialist nightmares they want no part of. They are family oriented, religious people. Black people are not socialists, either, though they are being manipulated pretty good right now with promises of reparations (right, how will they determine that?)

If you’re interested, read Marcuse. Identity politics Marxism — since the left lost the working class. They have found another way to sell this–manufacture a race war. They are purposely destabilizing our country instead of building on what made America great. But right now, we still have economic power, the money, and people are wising up fast here.

Oh, and their effort to demonize Trump’s America First movement didn’t work out for them. And their hard arm, fascist tactics to censor and punish people will likely backfire. It seems to be doing that. This full time demonization resulted in a sitting president getting more votes than any second term president in history.

Huh, Trump won 2,497 counties and Biden won 477 counties, the least of any president, and much less than Obama, of course who won twice as many as Biden. Yet Biden got 81 million votes. And nothing seems off to you people? More voters than registered voters? Someday, you’ll find out you just watched the greatest heist in world history, all stolen in the big Democrat cities–and now they want to legalize these tactics. Give amnesty to 20 million people because they care about them? Right. They want their votes.

2,497 counties are not going to let these people take over America.

But it will either be Trump or some other Trump candidate who believes in America and the working man. Trump has changed the Republican party and has increased minorities under its umbrella. So they are failing at that. Huh, the working man against the globalist elitist fascists. We’ll see. Depends on whether they get away with this racist garbage.

These people do not care about anything but their own power and that will become evident fairly fast.

But it’s also evident that good people are organizing fast. Already, states are standing up to these people. There will be a huge section of states banding together to say no. And even some of the states with Democrat governors have conservative legislatures like Michigan and Wisconsin. Wisconsin is already passing laws to stop this crap. We’ll see, I guess. A lot may rest in Joe Manchin’s hands. He just might not be on board with these people. We’ll see. He claims he will not let them pack the court –not sure on adding states. He may hold them off the next two years. We’ll pray he does. But I predict as this becomes clear they are fascists, that the midwestern states will become firmly conservative and there will be nothing left but New York and California for these idiots. They will be in huge problem as the conservatives leave them to their idiocy as is happening with the exodus.

But we are getting wise to this and we are organizing fast.

One thing perfectly clear, the elitist do-nothing Republicans are a thing of the past.

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