Carnivore Dreams – Respite

I’m looking forward to the things I can hang my hat upon: In May, I get to head north to my property where I can regain perspective. My brother will help pay for folks to come in for three-four days in May and again in Sept./Oct. We are looking for cheaper in home care. Medicaid will kick in some since we don’t use regular respite. We have been out of this house exactly one night in a year…

Besides that, my brother will come for 11 days in July when we head to Maine.

AND my kids come this weekend to celebrate my birthday, my grandson’s birthday, and my son’s girlfriend’s birthday. We will actually go to a restaurant.

THEN, our good friends Karen and Bob come the weekend after. We will do a rotisserie prime rib and head to a restaurant once or twice. I’m SO looking forward to that.

All this is such a bright spot in this political gloom — gloom is the understatement of the century. But I’m so blessed to have family and good friends who are on our side and who support us in such trying times.

We are STILL waiting for HUD to approve us to buy our family home for the appraised value. Everything else in place.

Our new fridge shows up Friday.

We have a ramp in front my husband is just finishing so we can get my dad into a transport vehicle or on a good day, into our car. My father has decided to take the vaccine which he gets frist dose of Wednesday–sure hope that is the right thing; we are going to go with our doctor prescribing ivermectin or the new therapeutic they say just came out and is proving 100% effective. My doctor says she will work with us. Ivermectin and hydroquorliqine have been used for decades and don’t mess with genes, RNA. Not to mention vaccines and/or the disease itself provides protection for 6 months or 9 months if at all?

So those are my bright spots. I’ve been reading again. My funeral director. That is good reading. That may mean I will write again soon. I’m not sure.

Happy Monday, folks.

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