Carnivore Dreams – Day One

Little of everything. Smoky blue cheese, brie, Irish cheddar, sheep cheese, hard salami, sumer sausage, proscuitto, chocolate, strawberries, grapes, pepperoncini. Our appetizer/dinner sometimes inspired me to think outside the box. Our fabulous repast when our good friends visited this past weekend.

A nice drive around the chain-0-lakes.

A sip or two of that great honey vodka our friends left with us.

All got me thinking. (Which I’m doing as I listen to “Trio” — Dolly Parton, Linda Rondstadt, Emylou Harris).

First, I rely too much on my weight to define my health situation. In times so distressing and with so much on my plate, my health is the most important thing. Not that it always wasn’t. I really have never been overweight for my age, or only in high school, and never since I’ve been married. Worrying about my weight sets me up for cheating too much, especially when I’m stressed which I have been. Eating mostly carnivore until I feel full (with a few mushrooms, sauces, spices and the very occasional lettuce), and exercise is my new goal — first day today.

Not really organized today, but a start…

So I pulled out the leftover Yorkshire popovers, garlic smashed potatoes and broccoli for the boys — to warm slowly– while I made a mushroom glaze for the beef tenderloin steaks (which I’ll have two of). I also poured myself some sparkling water with the barest touch of an oaky chardonnay.

My goal: real lifestyle changes I can sustain permanently. This leaves Keto cheesecakes on holidays and/or cheese boards like the above, for desserts. I can make cheese or deli sandwiches out of chaffles (eggs and cheese make great waffles that can be used for bread).

A little of this, a little of that.

My life has never come together as a whole. I’m always hoping I can at least mostly have things in order.


Most peoples’ lives don’t add up perfectly, of course, but mine maybe less so than most (better than some, though). I’ve had a lot of life catastrophes–or maybe that’s a bit strong–let’s just say I do not lead a charmed life like some I know.

So ok, I exercised today. My exercise schedule: Three days of full body half hour weight bearing/type exercise, three days of strength yoga and at least one day of meditation yoga on Sat. (Sleep yoga before bed). Walking and gardening.

The aerogarden is planted. I’ll plant the seeds under the grow light by the third week in April.

I am working this week on deciding on picture size for my woodfire cookbook/memoir — trying to decide if– since this one the emphasis is more on story –if I can slide with black and white photos. The family photos are fine that way–food pictures lose a bit–no question there.

Big decision this week.

But I think maybe we can.

Then I’ll proof-read after my daughter gets it all laid out. Summer deadline would be nice.

There is so little I can control right now about my life– full time care-giver for my father, this political situation, my cancellation from my publisher, this virus, my handicapped son, and more.

But there are little bits of things I can control, little combinations, like the smorgasbord/charcuterie/cheeseboard above.

I can do all this and I can read again and send off letters to my congresspeople.

The key, not to try to pull things all together at once because so much is out of control–instead take a bit of this and that–keep your head down and slog–don’t look down the road. Do what you can and leave the rest to God.

Don’t replace God with Science or the State. (I don’t mean any particular religion). Big mistake, folks.

BUT….so what if every little thing on that board isn’t just what I would have liked.

Some of it is.

And all those little bits make a whole of sorts.

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