Carnivivore Dreams – Day 5, 6, 7 – Covid


Ok, so happy Day 7. Of my new plan.

My theory is that I did not eat enough when I was eating pure Carnivore. So I am planning to stay off the scale and go just by body composition and how I feel. Forget how much I actually weigh. I do plan to eat veggies a little with Thai food and some garden salad, a few mushrooms, but just now and then. And try to not drink Pepsi (I prefer Coke, but I will not support them). Need to stop anyway.


My body feels denser, more muscular and I think my mid section is pulling in more in just a week. And since I eat more, I’m less hungry.

I am having shirred or scrambled eggs for breakfast. Shirred eggs with Hollandaise sauce is so amazing: Oven proof bowl, melt butter in it and brush sides. Crack three eggs in each bowl. Put two tablespoons heavy cream in each bowl, salt and pepper. Bake them at 350 about 10-14 minutes until desired doneness. Remember they will cook more coming out. Eggs should at least still jiggle some. Quite a bit at this point. Add cheese of choice (mozzarella and sharp cheddar shredded), chopped bacon and chives. Return to oven for two minutes. Take out when eggs still jiggle at least slightly. More if you like soft poached or sunny side up eggs. Set aside for five minutes. Meanwhile make Hollandaise (they have a nice packaged mix that takes a few minutes to whisk together with milk and butter). Put sauce on top. Enjoy. GREAT flavor. And all on my carnivore diet.

So anyway, eggs, bacon, steaks, chicken, pork. But am eating at least 12 ounces beef/meat/day if not a bit over a pound. And eggs. Will see how this does for my health.

Carnivores don’t usually feel they need supplements but due to covid I take zinc, vitamin D, a touch of calcium, vitmain K, magnesium, berberine, cod liver oil a couple times a week. And sometimes a couple other things. Like NMN I think it’s called. Splash of chardonnay mixed with sparkling lime water. And once in a great while a whole glass of wine, too. Sometimes heavy cream with a touch of rum or some other low carb whiskey/brandy.

Oh, and off and on: carnivore cheesecake. Cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, vanilla, and a bit of monkfruit mixed together and chilled. Great stuff.

So those are my thoughts for this Sunday. Diet, health.

I did some research and found out that even though my blood type A makes me at higher risk for covid, I am less likely to be intubated and die. However, I have a lot of Neanderthal genes which makes me high risk. I guess some strands on DPP4 raise risk, but Neanderthal genes on chromosome 3 are protective and I don’t know how to read my test results on 23 and Me. You’d think they’d provide that information for folks after this came out. But no.

But I have decided to do therapeutics. I take the vitamins. If I get it will go Ivermectin, Hyrdroqluoriquin, antibody treatments, but hope my doctors will be on all this early. I am not a vaccine person unless it’s polio. Small pox. Not an anti-vaxxer, I’m a discerning vaxxer. Will see how much they try to impose that with travel. I don’t fly and will just stay in camp grounds. Not likely I’ll go to concerts or games or anything anymore.

No imbedded chips for me, thank you.

Oh, and did you see the common rhino-virus can knock out Covid if they are competing for host. Interesting thing there. Wonder how they’ll make use of that info.

Happy Sunday.

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