Carnivore Dreams – Day 9 sort of – a cheat and ruminants

Banana Nut Muffins - Crafty Cooking Mama

Well, our neighbor made us banana nut muffins which I resisted for days. Had one small one last night. And I also had some flour mixed in with the gravy on the pulled pork. Both bloated me and gave me a terrible side ache.

But my new plan is to eat just ruminants. Theory is that folks with auto-immune issues particularly do better with them because all those stomachs remove things in plants that bother us. I DO know when I’m closer to carnivore, I mostly crave beef or lamb. Bacon is ok and an occasional chicken thigh. Seafood as a side, but my plan is to stick to beef, lamb, bison, venison, elk. And the others just for an occasional side. See how that works out. Next to no chicken which I don’t crave much anyway. An occasional thigh or wing is ok.

It’s Wednesday and things are still stressful on our end. Hoping for some good news pretty soon here.

Tomorrow is April 1 and I hope to start walking the dog in evenings with my husband, get better into exercise, am hoping our refinancing finally gets straightened out. The stress of that has really sapped my energy for reading/writing and even exercising.

I am h oping to post things that are more artsy/writing/diet oriented soon.

Happy Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Day 9 sort of – a cheat and ruminants

  1. Yeah, my wife is gluten intolerant and she has the same symptoms when she eats wrong. Me, I’m okay with the little enzyme, but I eat gluten free because it supports her and I am too cheap to buy too much food. We are about done with meat, but I still have to have a steak or a Whataburger once in a while. PS..I will never be a vegan.

  2. I don’t think there is one diet for everyone, but I do think all people need to eat whole food and cook and nothing processed. When I did my 23 and Me I found out there were people with three types of muscles. I have an elite athlete, heavier muscle type, and am a sprinter. So it would stand to reason, I think, that a carnivore diet would make me feel best. People with longer muscles probably do better long distance and I can see them needing carbs (as long runners need). When you add in people who have auto-immune issues or food sensitivities, then you have something else. Carnivore is a good place to start for many because it’s essentially a major elimination diet. I’ve found out what I can add back in and at least get away with it. But I am never giving up a great steak! 🙂 So eat whole food. Don’t eat anything they mess with (fake meat), anything in a box or frozen with anything in it you don’t recognize. I think the additives are even worse than the salt. 🙂

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