Carnivore Dreams – Diet Ponderings

Leg of Lamb (The Easy Way) - Momsdish

Going to do one of these for Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, D’Argtanan couldn’t get the bone in on time, but it should be ok, they say. I also ordered racks of lamb, so will decide which I feel like doing. Some rice and veggies for those guys.

Ok, I upped my ribeye consumption. My latest try: just ruminant meat. That means essentially beef, venison, lamb, elk, bison, etc. Seafood as a bit of a side. Eggs, a little bacon maybe. Lots of water and good rich brewed coffee.

Something strange happening. I did feel great on carnivore, but I wasn’t eating enough. I am eating close to a pound a day and could add a bit more even, plus some eggs. Going to eat very little cheese, but might not eliminate it totally. A little bacon. But for sure lots of ruminant meat. At least a pound of that. I’ve been doing that about four days and already I feel amazingly better.

I am staying off the scale and just seeing how I feel and how my body responds. Already, I’m losing my neck and some wrinkles. But I suspect I weigh a bit more than I always thought I should. I’m small framed and 5’5″.

Cholesterol is always the big consideration here and I always think you need some fasting for autophagy issues, stave off cancer. A day a week or confine eating to at least a six hour window. I’m convinced they do not understand cholesterol. For instance, explain this:

If you fast, your cholesterol RISES. Hmmm.

If I eat a lot of junk before my blood test, actual junk which I did only once, cake or pastry or somet terrible eating, my cholesterol goes DOWN, the best it ever is.

My ratio is great, my HDL is always between 75 and 90, and I have large fat cells, not small. My ratio is great, my HDL is always between 75 and 90, and I have large fat cells, not small. My glucose and blood pressure are really low and no fat around the middle. I have no metabolic syndrome. My triglycerides are about 70. But my total cholesterol runs between 220 and once 400! But I do take some berberine which lowers it some.

I am 66 and I weigh about 129 maybe, not sure. Low 130’s at the moment. Since I’m not looking for a while, I’m just not sure. And I take one pill: a thyroid pill. My mother’s blood pressure was uncontrolled, she weighed about 250 I think (though she looked much better than that), and by my age she was dead of a massive stroke. 64. I’ve outlived my mom by two years already.

So I am not convined though that the fat from grass fed beef which raises it is not better than all that junk which lowered it to 210. Loaded with transfats. I just cannot believe these people understand cholesterol properly or have done the right studies even YET. It’s not apples to apples. Is high cholesterol from junk food the same as high cholesterol from grass fed beef? I doubt it.

Exercise. That is crucial. I do strength yoga and full body no equipment work outs, a stationary bike and I walk, though I have not done enough lately.

So those are my diet thoughts for today. I just had a 14 oz. ribeye and it was fabulous. Probably have a bite of chicken but most likely nothing until late evening when I’ll have a few scrambled eggs. Sundays I have shirred eggs, man are those good. I wish Id idn’t have to eat about ten at night, but I just can’t sleep if I don’t. I have to stay up until at least 3 anyway to listen for my dad. Sometimes 4, so I have to eat later than most people.

I think I’ll make a cup of tea….

Happy Thursday. Let me know how you’re doing.

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