Carnivore Dreams – Day 10


Well, I probably won’t post much about politics going forward- after this — because it should be painfully clear what a nightmare we are now embarked upon: A president with Parkinson’s (or Lewey Body Dementia–I’m familiar with it all–the falls, the mask face, the stuttering, the losing words, confusion), open borders to criminals and disease, no legal immigration; HR-1 which will insure we never have another real election if it passes; vaccine passports and global digital currency on the horizon so we have no privacy and no freedom ever again; lockdowns that are doing in this economy and small business when it doesn’t prove to work–FL, TX same as CA, NY; take a look at the curriculum in CA–reverse genocide against oppressors, chants to Aztec cannibal gods no less–critical race theory versions of it in all the cities and universities (I know, I couldn’t believe it, either, until I saw the proposal for California and this grade school and high school stuff now!); talk of taking private property; reverse racism instead of equality; censorship of the news–they are going after Fox and Newsmax with actual bills in congress and putting huge pressure on Big Tech to censor all conservatives, “reputable” hosts saying their version of the Truth is it and they don’t have to put on any other views if it’s “wrong,” (right); God is dead, we now worship the state and science, such hubris will be our undoing. Late term abortion murder–nothing but barbarism. I was never dogmatic or into organized religion, but darned if this doesn’t sound like the last days in the Bible. Giving hormones to children who don’t yet know their own minds; men competing with women so they can never again win a thing. Defund the police and purge the military of anyone with different views than them. The number of executive orders is simply mind boggling compared to any other president. (Of course, he claimed he wasn’t going to do that.)

Fascism anyone?

But Jan. 6th was “insurrection” even though nobody had a gun, and only a few were crazy enough to go in. Nobody killed anyone intentionally. And they claim it was about white supremacy, not election integrity. Uh huh.

It’s a color revolution when class warfare didn’t work here. They think will, but it’s still Marxism.

This should all come to be pretty clear to anyone who values freedom of any kind. If they add states or get HR-1 through the senate or pack the court and conservatives don’t regain the house and senate in 2022, we will all be watching America die–as we knew her.

So either you like that or you don’t. But the battle lines are pretty clear here and becoming more so. So it’s not necessary anymore to point them out. Either you are ok with fundamentally changing this country into socialism and fascism or you are not. But it’s pretty clear what’s happening, so I likely won’t write about it anymore. I hadn’t been for a while because I was trying to veg out and get over all this.

So I’ll be writing about writing, about my diet, about fishing, carnivore cooking, about Einstein and Jung and dreams.

I hope to still have them.

It’s a nice steak and eggs for me today, good coffee. Not sure what else I’ll dig up this Good Friday. I am making a boneless leg of lamb for Easter Sunday. And we’ll watch the Tigers win, we hope. Tomorrow and Sunday.

Happy Good Friday, folks.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Day 10

  1. I feel your sense of rage or frustration or whatever you are feeling. Your list of goods is just too much for me at times. If I didn’t laugh a lot and poke fun of our situation I’d probably turn into a raving lunatic. Instead I just have to sit back and let the inmates of the asylum run the country with Joe the Mask as their figurehead baloney president.

    I live in California so I mostly just stay in my house and avoid being in public. A lot of people have lost their sense of logic and reason if they ever had any.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. I know. The list is too m uch for ME. 🙂 I’ll do my part and write my legislatures and congresspeople, but I can’t let them ruin my spirit, my sense of myself. So I will go on with that. But I see what you mean. Trust me.

  3. Lynn: This post pretty much collects everything that is going on into one paragraph. I can recall my 10th grade Civics teacher telling me that it was better to be red than dead. Imagine having a communist teach High School Civics in the 60’s! It has taken 50 years of “education” to come to this point. Now that we are here I expect the Socialist dream will come true. It will blossom with printed money and will collapse like every other Socialist government. We need to figure out how to save our families and save our retirement. Keep writing I will keep reading.

  4. Hi, John! I had no idea you were reading! I didn’t see you on my follower list! Yes, that is the key. We need to protect our families and save our retirement. This unrealized capital gains thing is terrifying. Death taxes. And of course, AOC talking about seizing private property (we underestimated them before; we can’t afford to do that again). We have to fight back by the same buoycotts, removing our children from universities that brainwash, home schooling. Hilary is putting our grandson in a Lutheran school — not something I would once have been for. But am now. Then she will homeschool in a couple years. And we need to be as visible as possible. Not give up rights, write congress people constantly. Assemble peacefully–they are trying to intimidate us against that. I’ve never seen such a change in this amount of time and Obama terrified me. Of course, it could be him doing it. What he really wanted to. Biden has dementia. You take care! XO

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