Canivore Dreams – Easter Dinner

Courtesy Steele House Kitchen

Red Wine Braised Leg Of Lamb • Steele House Kitchen

Happy Easter or Passover or Independence Day or just Sunday if you don’t celebrate. It’s a lovely Easter day here in upper Michigan, warmish, low 60’s.

Trying this recipe. Never done this flavor profile with lamb. Wine, tomatoes, tomato paste, raisins, garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano. Petit Syrah. So we’ll see. I see Martha Stewart has a similar recipe. So it’s in and roasting and smelling kind of nice already.

Same sides, mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts.


2 thoughts on “Canivore Dreams – Easter Dinner

  1. Happy Easter! That lamb dish sounds so delicious! Let us know how it goes! And I’m glad to see it was so warm up north too, we had a horribly cold past few days (around the 40s in the day and 20s at night), but today it was in the 70s, which was so nice. I hope the weather makes up its mind soon and sticks with being warm for a while.

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