Carnivore Dreams – Snowy Wednesday

Just kidding. It is snowing, but it’s not sticking.

It’s been a couple days of apartment books and bill paying and pill filling and laundry. Tomorrow house cleaning. So many people are in and out of here, it seems like you get constantly interrupted with health issues.

I stopped and watched Governor Witless who at least doesn’t plan to totally shut things up again. I suspect shutting things up just drags out the problem–other states are hitting herd immunity sooner. Or people are spreading it too much indoors, who knows. My father has decided to get his second shot on the 27th–my husband and I and my son are planning on Regeneron, we hope, hydro and a Z-pack. Go therapeutics. We are not happy with how the vaccine has been performing overall and we want to wait at least until the second go-round in six months or whenever and see.

We had planned to eat out in the Upper Peninsula late May, about five weeks out, if things settle here some. Use curb-side again for a while. We have to close on our house here on Friday, so we are hoping to get by with that and no infections. We do vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C as well.

Tomorrow or next day, a post on dream incubation, Jung, and references to such from Jordan Peterson. We can still dream, eh?

And maybe a bit of Hemingway on Writing quotes.

Happy Wednesday.

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