Carnivore Dreams – Diet Update (Day 17 or so) – Bills and Boats

No, I haven’t gotten back into my writing schedule, but I make headway. I am still planning a budget now that the refi went through, paying bills, making projections. Will finish working on that today and fill out paperwork for Dad’s eye appointment on Friday. A few hours work here.

Budget especially important since it appears I m ay be giving up my double oven 32 inch dual fuel range (and we are all giving up most of Christmas) for an inexpensive fishing boat. That I likely will not get out on much since someone has to be here with Dad most of the time. We are looking at old boats which don’t really hold their value, and we hope won’t have a host of problems. We haven’t settled on one yet, but may take a look at one in Grand Rapids. Merry Christmas, Dick Fay.

But we do live right on Grand Traverse Bay and not to have a boat seems some kind of sacrilege, especially since my family comes from a long line of boaters, the above picture, my greatgrandfather’s steamboat he ran in the inland lakes here in Elk Rapids.

Dick Fay knows my weaknesses.

Health update: I haven’t posted pictures in a while and am holding off on that because I’ve made a big adjustment in my carnivore diet — eating more red meat and eggs. This morning I weighed 125 on the scale, but I was purposely not weighing myself because I’ve always been too obsessed with my weight. I just wanted to make sure it was somewhere in the ballpark because my body proportions are changing so much I couldn’t tell where I was. That is up a good five-six pounds from where I was when I first started carnivore but actually less than what I was after the holidays by a bit, but I ate much less meat and much less red meat early on. I’ve cut back on wine for now, to pretty much nil. Once in a while a drop in some sparkling water just to feel pampered. And I’ve cut back for now on cheese and heavy cream. No carnivore cheesecake treats. Closer to Lion Diet.

I have finally grown up and my focus is on my health. I guess nothing brings that more into focus than current events. And I definitely feel stronger. My waist is coming down, but my butt is turning into the bubble butt I had in high school before my dad created my weight problem by telling me every day I had a huge ass (it wasn’t, but think J-Lo maybe not quite that much butt–I always had a lot of male attention, somehow, ha). But he called me Crisco Kid, Fat in the Can, or said I was four ax-handles wide. All said “jokingly.” Right. Daily almost.

Well, that set off ten years of bulimia — though I only had the binging part down. I’d starve and binge, but never had the purging part figured out. I was a failed bulimic. Nearly ruined my health. Because I was binging on junk. I got control of that part of it when I got pregnant, never to return, but until recently never lost the obsession with my weight and looks, focus never on good health and what my body was naturally supposed to look like. You’d think at age 66 I’d have gotten smarter sooner.

So this is a big test. I am happy with 125 pounds at the moment and curious how things will look and more importantly how I will feel in six months if I stay on this. I will only weigh myself every 3-4 weeks. I highly recommend this elimination restart diet if you have health problems you just can’t resolve. Physical or mental. Then moving into keto carefully if you find vegetables are a must.

Mentally, I feel somewhat at peace which is amazing since watching America die is a grief process that normally would make me inconsolable.

My daughter who is in her mid-30’s is broken-hearted remembering life in her childhood. What these people are doing is for power and it’s wrong to misrepresent half this country as racists–tear apart everything this country has accomplished in a few months.

Derek Chauvin–what a terrible set of circumstances. Guy mostly followed police procedure, though it seems he should have realized he needed to provide aid at some point, and the whole thing seemed to go on a long time. Terrible judgment and it seemed a disregard for human life. But this verdict is nothing more than mob rule when you consider verdicts for murder committed during a robbery or how many people get ridiculously light sentences for much much worse. Or for testifying to all kinds of atrocities to which they were party. All to make Derek Chauvin an example–to pay for “systemic racism”– because no jury could fail to feel this kind of pressure from politics and the mob. One guy to sacrifice for mob rule. Anyone else would have received at most a negligent manslaughter verdict with a harsh sentence. And now this judge cannot help but be influenced by the threat of these people at sentencing. And to SAY this case represents other cases is enough right there to show you how wrong that is. You never sacrifice one person’s rights for the good of the whole–something that will become the norm.

And now because of their threates and interference, he will likely get it overturned on appeal and cause even more chaos.

I range from being pissed at Chauvin for not being smarter, mad that police procedure and training seems so inferior–definitely need some reform– to appalled at what America is becoming and how these isolated incidents (and they are isolated) are being used to demonize conservative white people. Well and conservatives blacks and minorities as well. Has nothing to do with race.

So I know my diet is helpful. Because I’m not inconsolable.

Back to health. Just steaks, hamburger and water, nice brewed coffee, eggs, a few shrimp or fish for sides or along the way. Lamb and duck. The nice thing about it is if you do that a few days you are not hungry and no cravings.

And as I said, my muscle tone is improving. I’m much more solid. The heart is a muscle. I’ve had a bit of tremor in my thumb the last year or so and I’m hoping it is due to lack of nutrients. I’ve almost doubled the amount of meat I eat, nearly always red meat. I think I am getting a lot more nutrients and hope that solves a few lingering issues.

So even though I’ve been eating carnivore diet for a long time, this is a real change to it.

I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Wednesday, folks. And don’t give up your rights. Use them or lose them.


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